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Author Topic: Stick to Facts  (Read 4499 times)

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Stick to Facts
« on: April 11, 2006, 11:43:13 AM »

Dear Hermine:
I will not waste my time on your nonsense, and short change others who are sincerely seeking truth. I will make but one comment to your email.........

    Your teaching is strongest when you stick to the facts without the insults.  "This is what the Bible says, contradicting what you Mr. X says"

    COMMENT:  And you find fault with anyone stating what the Scriptures say as compared with how the Church has contradicted and perverted what the Scriptures say?  This is unacceptable "sarcasm" to you?  Check this out:
    "And [Jesus] said unto them, It is written ['the Bible says...'] My house shall be called the house of prayer; ['contradicing what Mr. X money changer was doing...'] but ye have made it a den of thieves " (Matt. 21:13).
    "For God commanded ['the Bible says...'], saying, Honour thy father and mother... ['contradicting what Mr. X Pharisee was doing...']...But you say, Whosoever shall say to His father or his mother, It is a gift...." (Matt. 15:4-5).
    Etc., etc., etc.
    You are finding fault with the way that Jesus Christ taught, not with me, Hermine." Take your unscriptural criticism to Jesus.

      You sometimes get downright trivial, splitting hairs about the ability of God, for example in your letter to John Hagee re the pregnant mothers in hell.
    Your revelations of truth concurs for the most part with what i'm getting, although my concentrations (not sure if this is the appropriate word here) differ.
    I have to say however, that the focal point of your teachings (what I have read so far) is hard for me to wrap my mind around.  You haven't yet convinced me that there is no everlasting punishment for the wicked.  Please try again to explain Mark 9:46..."where their (his/her) worm (singular) is not deceasing (dying) and the fire is not going out.  Why does this not read, for example, ..."Where the worms (not joined to a subject, and plural) are in constant supply", which would make your interpretation, full proof.  What about "not going out".  God/Jesus, uses the physical as a representative of the spiritual.  The physical fire of Gehenna being the picture that the carnal mind could understand, but representing the spiritual never ending fire, whatever that might actually be, ( I haven't had personal revelation of the symbolism here).
    My concern is, where then is the advantage to me, a God fearing Christian, over the souls who choose sin over obedience, especially those who hear the truth but reject it?  The fear of punishment as severe to the wicked/unrepentant, as eternity (eonian life) or heaven (or in God as you put it) is bliss to the believer, was for me, and I think remains a catalyst to accepting Jesus.  Why wouldn't the fear of eonian punishment propel some to chose reward instead?
    Like i've hinted, i've only just been introduced to your work, so it may be that I haven't read enough to form an educated "anti-stance".  So please direct me to your work which will open up my understanding, or try again with new teaching.  I really am trying to understand.  Me like you, am depending on the Spirit of God to reveal his truth, and will not just take someone's word for it.
    I want to share so badly what i'm getting myself.  I am so fearful of not teaching God's truth.  Like you, i'm insignificant with no "formal Christian Education".  I shun publicity, fearful of the limelight.  I am hopeful that it is strength rather than weakness, to the end that God alone gets the glory.  I hope to be courageous enough to at least get your critique very soon, if you would look at it.  Some of it concurs somewhat with some of your work.
    I know that God's word is not to be "peddled" so my work will not be, but when i'm a bit more certain i'm not the one deceived, I want to share desparately what I feel is the Spirit of God is revealing in his word, the truth of God's word.
    I have lost connectivity with the traditional church, but it saddens me to no end.  I want to be part of the body of Christ, but the disappointment I experience listening to the "Preacher" is intolerable.  I have yet to find in my own circles, anyone as interested in knowing the truth as I am.  Yet I don't want to turn into a cynic.  I want to make a difference.
    It would please me to hear from you primarily in response to my inquiry about hell.
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