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Author Topic: Help  (Read 4533 times)

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« on: April 03, 2007, 08:51:59 AM »

        By chance, or perhaps not, I found your website and have read most of your articles.  I'm a former member of the Worldwide Church of God, which I left about fifteen years ago.  I have never had the desire to be a part of another church.  I have had to let go of a lot of religious beliefs that I at one time thought was crucial to my salvation.  I have been so frustrated and fearful for many years, yet seemingly helpless to even know how to begin to unlearn error or to recognize deception.  For the first time in many years, I have a desire to read and study the Bible once more.  My problem is that in comparison studies with others, recently Ted Kersey and J Preston Eby, that there are doctrinal similarites, but also a lot of differences and I once again feel that I am not "smart" enough to know what I am studying is truth or deception.  Thank you.
        Dear Lois:
        After read several several pages of Ted Kersey's  (whom I had never heard of before) book, I heard nothing but deception, deception, deception, how the world and the church have been deceived--pages and pages of the same phrases and sentences over and over. Then I finally got to where he actually began to teach something. I will give you just three quotations from one page:
        [1]   So, do we have the complete bible? No we don't.
        We only have as much of it as the church fathers have
        allowed us to have. Emperor Constantine and other church fathers
        changed or removed anything they didn't like.
        COMMENT:  What a crock!  There are over FIVE THOUSAND
        Greek manuscripts of the Gospels and New Testament Scriptures.
        Are we to believe that Constantine and the Catholic Church changed
        ALL FIVE THOUSAND PLUS manuscripts? Is he crazy?
        [2]   In The Beginning God  The first four words of Genesis says;
        In the beginning God!  Let's get one thing very clear right from the start,
        There Is No Beginning!  God has always existed, and always will.
        COMMENT:  All Hebrew manuscripts basically read like this in Genesis
        1:1--"In beginning, He created, Elohim, the heavens and the earth."
        The word "beginning" is in all manuscripts. It should rather be
        "a beginning" rather than "the beginning," however.
        [3]   God Desired To Experience Life You will understand this better
        as you come to know just who and what God is, and who you really are.
        God could not experience life by and of Himself. He knows all about
        what life is. He has life, and can create life, but he could not experience
        life in the realm of the absolute, the dimension of light, so he decided he
        would create a physical universe with an earth and make children out
        of his own self and give them free will and dominion over all the earth.
        He knew at the devising of this plan that these children would eventually
        create their own gods, so he also devised a plan to eventually reconcile
        them back to himself.
        COMMENT:  What a double quadruple CROCK!
        "God could not experience life by and of Himself."
        And do we have chapter and verse on that bit of unscriptural heresy? NO.
        "...He [God] could not experience life in the realm of the absolute, the
        dimension of light..." Oh really?  God knows nothing of "the dimension of
        light" does He? That is blasphemy. God is the FATHER OF LIGHTS (James
        1:17).  "...and give them free will...." Read my 120 page paper replete with
        HUNDREDS of Scriptures debunking this pagan doctrine of the Church.
        When people make such absurd statement and present not even one Scripture to defend such nonsense, realize that you are dealing with a lying false prophet.
        I read several whole papers of J. Preston Eby before I came across such things as this Kersey guy teaches:  The Doctrine of Circularity, in which Eby teaches we are eternal spirit beings having no beginning, and that we lived with God from eternity, but apparently forgot all that when He put into these physical bodies, for what godly purpose I know not, seeing that we are already perfect from all eternity.  Eby too believes in a "modified" version of free will. He also speaks in gibberish, teaches tithing of money, and such unscriptural heresy.
        I know where you are coming from, Lois. I have personally "been there done that."
        I would encourage you to keep reading  the material on our site. If you come to any statement of any consequence that does not have Scriptures to back it up, write me and let me know about, okay.

        God be with you,

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