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Author Topic: Dr Martin  (Read 6839 times)

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Dr Martin
« on: April 07, 2007, 10:08:20 AM »

> Hi Ray,
> I was reading from a website that was founded by the late Dr. Ernest L.
> Martin, He wrote a lot of articles and some books as well.
> Although I haven't read all of his material, it seems he knew his bible very
> well as well as history. Have you ever been been in contact with him? I have
> found his writings very scripturally sound and very similar to your writings. I
> was just curious of your thoughts. At one point, I thought you were the only one
> boldly teaching these truths, but Dr Martin has really impressed with his
> biblical and historical knowledge. Thanks Ray.
> God be with you,
> Roy

Dear Roy:
I was personal friends with Dr. Martin for many years. And yes, Dr. Martin knew
a great deal about Church History and history in general. Also was somewhat of an
expert on Canonization of the Scriptures.  For almost all of those years that I knew
Dr. Martin, however, he just could not comprehend certain giant spiritual truths, such
as man not having a "free" will and the Sovereignty of God. He did, to his credit, just
prior to his death accept this spiritual truth, I am told.
Dr. Martin did not comprehend too much concerning the spiritual aspects of Jesus' teaching.
To him, most things were physical. He believed that the "Lake of fire," for example is a
literal lake of water over in Palestine, etc. I have nothing bad to say about him, but he
assuredly did not comprehend a great deal with respect to Christ's words being "SPIRIT."
Those in care of his Foundation contacted me after his death and offered me the opportunity
to continue his work. I turned it down for obvious reasons.
God be with you,
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