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Author Topic: Mothers Blood  (Read 7492 times)

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Mothers Blood
« on: April 10, 2007, 11:34:23 PM »

    Here we have an example of Ruth a Gentile Moabite marrying into the line of Judah through Boaz the great grandfather of King David. Yes, Jesus came out of Judah, but He did also have Gentile blood in His veins. Ray it has always been my understanding that a baby gets the blood from the father only.That is why we can say that not one drop Mary's Blood was in Jesus veins ( who was a sinner ). Medically speaking all the blood comes from the father that is why the blood of Jesus was not contaminated. This being Medically true then Jesus has only Boaz blood and not Ruth therefore only Jewish blood. Please let me hear from you on this matter. I love you and support you EDDIE.

    Dear Eddie:
    I just finished answer an email from another reader in which I stated:  "Ninety-five percent of all the tens of thousands of emails I receive, have to do with CONTRADICTIONS:  either contradictions of the Scriptures, contradictions of God, or contradiction that they think I have made in my writings."
    First of all, Mary's "blood" was not sin because Mary was a sinner. "Blood" does not and cannot SIN. Although for a little while I accepted the heresy that "flesh is sin," since the "carnal mind is sin." But the the carnal mind IS NOT FLESH. The carnal mind has to do with our HEART, MIND, AND SPIRIT, not with the biological cells of our body.  Anyway, Mary's blood did not somehow pollute Jesus.
    How is it that you think it was "God's blood--the FATHER" which nourished Jesus as a fetus? God conceived Jesus in Mary's womb by "The Holy Spirit," not by a physical blood transfusion. Neither do men give their wives a blood transfusion when they cause them to conceive so that they fetus will be nourished by the father's blood. Here are the facts:

    "Blood types are inherited and represent contributions from BOTH PARENTS."

    "The way genes are inherited and the characteristic of the ABO genes can explain how this can happen. Every person inherits two of the ABO genes, ONE FROM EACH PARENT. These genes determine what the person's blood group will be. The O gene has no blood group substance. It is in fact an absence of either A or B. Therefore, if you inherit the O gene FROM ONE PARENT and the A gene FROM THE OTHER, your blood group will be A. On the other hand, if you inherit O genes from BOTH PARENTS, your blood group will be O. If you inherit the A gene from ONE PARENT and the B gene from THE OTHER, your blood group will be AB."
    Hope this clears up the matter for you,
    God be with you,
    PS   The child gets his heredity (including his blood type) from the Father through his DNA (and the Mother), not through his actual blood, seeing that he does not impregnate his wife with literal blood, but rather a "sperm."

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