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Author Topic: Power  (Read 3775 times)

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« on: April 11, 2007, 11:35:19 PM »

Hellow Ray, Im to the point for your sake. Im 27 Saved (born again) from site on Jan  7, 2001. out of Catholism. Got a question and its very important. The power of the Holy Spirit comes extremely powerful all over me and has burnt out addictions like smoking, drinking ect.ect. Immediately I begain to minister to Family and then to a Jail house. Ive seen devils cast out of people there and the power of God set people free. The extreme Love is awsome in Jesus and it feels me to overflowing. I taught of Hell, and the Lake of fire. Im wondering if God honered my obedience becouse I did not know any better. I just belived the kjv 1611 as I understood it at the time. I did preach Jesus and him crucified and the power fell all over me and still does and yes people were Saved. Can you answere? I have an open heart. Thanks and be Blessed... Seth

        Dear Seth:

        I only know what you have stated in your email. I do not know what God did or did not do in your life and for what specific reasons. Some people tell me that they "tithe" (which is unscriptural under the New Covenant), and are blessed because of it. Others tell me that they have tithed and they have not been blessed.  Which one is the working of God? Did God bless them for OTHER reasons than "tithing?" Or did He NOT bless others for other reasons than not tithing?  I don't know. God does not tell me why He does what He does in everyone's life. Sorry.

        God be with you,

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