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Author Topic: Law?  (Read 5523 times)

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« on: April 12, 2007, 04:07:09 PM »

Mr. Smith


Iím sorry I looked at my question and see how confusing I am.  Forgive me.  Ok, I have been studying the Torah for months, and recently I have thought about converting to Judaism.  I canít because of my belief in the Lord Jesus, but I still continue to study the law.  My question is should I quit studying the law?  I see whatever I study the most, I believe, and begin to live by.  I at times feel as though I should follow the law strictly.  Is this normal, or should I repent?


Thanks for your precious time

God bless


Dear David:  It is not wrong to study the "Law" portions of Scripture. If, however, you think that you need to "keep" the law as ancient Israel attempted to do, you will accomplish very little. The reason for this is because "The LAW IS SPIRITUAL....." (Rom. 7:14).  ONLY  "Christ is the end [the goal, result, purpose, conclusion] of the law for righteousness in every one that believes" (Rom. 10:4). NO orthodox Jew can keep the law of God WITHOUT CHRIST! This is a lesson they will yet have to learn in Judgment.

God be with you,


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