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Author Topic: Rapist/Murderers?  (Read 4788 times)

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« on: April 12, 2007, 04:10:19 PM »

    Dear David:
    I will COMMENT in your email.........

    > What will happen to someone who rapes and murders little girls after he
    > dies?
    COMMENT:  The same thing that happens to people who don't
    rape little girls after they DIE.  After they die, they are DEAD.  And they will
    remain dead until the "RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD."
    At the resurrection, the Elect of God will reign with Jesus a thousand
    years, and the wicked and unbelievers will be JUDGED.

     Why does Jesus speak about Hell so much?
    COMMENT:  Jesus did not speak of "hell" at all. There is not one
    word in the Hebrew or Greek manuscripts that should be translated
    into the English word "hell."

    and you said that Jesus saved
    > us from pain and suffering and desease, poverty etc. what about the
    > apostles???
    COMMENT:  Just like most of my detractors, you miss-quote me.
    I have never said "Jesus savED us [past tense] from ANYTHING.
    Detractors have asked me what Jesus "savES" us from if He does
    not SAVE us from hell?"  And so I stated that He "savES" us from
    dozens of things including "sin and death." But this is a process not
    an accomplished fact. The last enemy "death" (I Cor. 15:26) has not
    YET been abolished, and so that is why we are NOT YET saved from
    death. But we WILL BE saved from all these things, but we will not
    be saved from an eternal hellhole of eternal torture in fire because
    there is no such hell.

    God be with you,

    > Philip: stoned to death A.D. 54
    > Peter: Crucified, A.D. 69
    > Paul: Beheaded, A.D. 69
    > Andrew: Crucified, A.D. 70
    > Matthew: Beheaded, A.D. 70
    > Thomas: Speared to death, A.D. 70
    > James: Clubbed to death, A.D. 63
    > John: Abandoned, Isle of Patmos, A.D. 63
    > It seems to me that Hell is a very real place, and all great preachers and
    > evangelists also beleive in such a place

    PS   David, if you have ever "hated a brother," then YOU TOO ARE A MURDERER!
    (I John 3:15 and Matt. 5:21-22). So what will also happen to you (and me, and all of us)
    if you don't repent of your murder?

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