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Author Topic: Falling Away  (Read 5511 times)

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Falling Away
« on: April 11, 2006, 06:24:09 PM »

You my dear are part of the 'falling away'?. I feel sorry for you and I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch just the right buttons on your heart to turn this thing around in your life.  It doesn't take an idot to know that you should never touch God's anointed.  Of course this is part of the happenings of the end times the falling away of part of the Church and the very elect are to be deceived.

Just what do you think pays for the gasoline, jet fuel, radio waves, television time, printing press, paper, food for the workers?,    just what do you imagine this world runs on?   Air?   Just how do you think the gospel gets out shouting from the mountain tops?

That 10% my dear one DOES  BELONG TO THE LORD in fact, EVERYTHING BELONGS TO HIM. PERIOD.   It's the giving heart that is blessed, giving when it's all you have ..else what is it else what is the real condition of the heart? You had better believe God will bless those who give ..have you noticed what happened on the cross?  Think about it really think about it.

Now, the old covenant was a foreshadowing of the new same rules apply or else well think about that as well.  A shadow is the same image of the fixture that casts the shadow anyway. Think man, THINK.  Don't be putting this stuff on the internet that you have as an opinion.  Please don't do that to people.

I know for a fact that when I tithe I'm being obedient. I can feel it in my gut. And when I'm obedient things go a lot smoother in my life. Oh Ya! Lots smoother.   You can't tell me that tithing isn't scriptural for the new covenant. I really want to get mad over this but I have to love you as a I hope gets it right.

God says test me in this.  Well I'm not going to take any chances with the sovergein God of the universe. If he says do something you had better believe I'm going to do it.  That's called old fashioned respect, fear of the Lord and NO I'm not talking about fear? Fear is another old fashioned world for respect.  Old testament, new testament same deal.  You can't separate the Bible. It's the world of God-period.

Dear Linda:

Feel better now? You can get mad if you want to: it doesn't bother me. So if God says "do it," you do it, is that right? Oh really?  "Make thee an ARK of gopher wood...The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of fifty cubits and the height of it thirty cubits" (Gen. 6:14-15).  Have you made your ARK for God yet, Linda? Just maybe God wasn't asking you to build an ark, Linda, and just maybe Malachi wasn't telling "Christians" to tithe to the Old Covenant Levites?

God be with you,

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