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Author Topic: WWCG  (Read 4492 times)

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« on: April 15, 2007, 12:59:40 PM »

> Hi there Ray,
> Thanks for all the time and study you've put into all your work. May God
> continue to BLESS your efforts to expose His awesome LOVE to His creation. I
> have a question...are Christians bound by old covenant laws anymore? I came
> out of the WCG 10 yrs ago. Many people that attended with that church left
> with "splinter groups" after WCG changed from legalistic old covenant
> practices to a full understanding of Grace. WCG does not teach that keeping
> the old covenant laws is necessary for a Christian. I have many friends that
> stayed in the Splinter groups that bombard me with scripture that supposedly
> says Christ kept the law (the old covenant sabbaths or feasts and kept the
> Sabbath) and so did Paul and all the early Church. Could you help me defend
> Grace in the New Covenant? Thank you!
> Now, if you for whatever reason happen to be loo king fo r a true Cult that
> I'd love for it to be exposed to the light (My brother and sister believe
> all that stuff and won't talk to me anymore because I'm not "honoring the
> true God") here it is: (a spin off of WCG):
Dear Carlos:
I mean no disrespect when I say that neither the Worldwide Church of God nor any
of the splinter groups derived from have shown me that they have a "full understanding
of Grace," as you suggest. They have merely jumped out of one fire into another. Your
question, however, is way too big to answer in an email. You might want to read my
on-going series on HELL at the top of our home page for more information on this subject.
Next Installment (HELL Part D-3) will begin discussing "The Sermon on the Mount."
I have already had a good bit to say about what grace really is, in previous Installments of
my "Lake of Fire" series.
God be with you,
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