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Author Topic: Worry  (Read 4361 times)

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« on: April 11, 2006, 06:26:46 PM »

truley LOVE, what God has given you, in understanding , I LOVE "GOD" through Jesus Christ , our savior , the Holy Spirit . I have a question , and I do not know the answer !  { For example}  If my son, or my daughter , or my dad -mom , "DIED" ... I am having much problems with .. or .. would I attend the funeral, sounds crazy!  but for at least the past year, this has been brothering me .. I DO NOT , go to church any more, all I do is study, trying to prove all things also, and I DO PROFESS , to ALL , that the HOLY SPIRIT , is in this Body ! .. and I LIVE, to serve my LORD .. [ this is where the problem is.] NOT ONE of the Churches, HAS the TRUTH , nor do any of the Preacher , or Pastors , or what ever they call themselves! here in [VA].the "BABY COUNTY"  THE TRUTH IS NOT OUT THERE !  maybe that why !  my wife and the rest of the community, including those at work, no LONGER , like having me around.. becausefor over [TWO] years,  I have being trying , to make the BLIND , see also, but RAY , you said it BEST, the Blind cannot see! , I never have been a member of no Church, I have not been Baptized, by WATER,.. ONLY by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, my LORD AND KING. amen... "BUT" the "PROBLEM" would be to "SIT" there while THEY, preacher;s , pastors of "BLASPHEMY" PREACHED over my FLESH AND BLOOD..[ son or daughter, dad or mom], I pray so hard for "THEM", through the Holy Spirit... I sometimes think! MAYBE  I should [not] go to the services of my LOVE ONES ! if they {DIED}. I CANNOT ACCEPT, these DOCTRINES , ... I have TRULEY forsaken ALL, FOR MY LORD AND SAVIOR , I live at where I work, my son [16] and daughter [14] years old, they will not even call me , to say they LOVE me.. and YET I pray with all my Heart for them , and ALL.. ITs a Lonely PLACE where I reside, Just ME and the HOLY SPIRIT. amen. a reply would be very much needed. and THANK yo again with ALL MY HEART THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT.   note: I am 46 years old, come APRIL, if still alive in the 'flesh' ...  

Dear Mark:
I wouldn't worry about going to the funeral of your children, Mark, as you will probably be long gone before they will. And as for yourself, it matters not what a preacher preaches over your casket or doesn't preach. Don't worry about things that are of little consequence.
I understanding that many live lonely lives of solitude. I wish that there was a way to fellowship with others of like mind, but God only knows how truely few people He has chosen to know and obey these truths.
You could always join our Forum at the bottom of our home page. There is a good place to chat with other believers of like mind who are also going through many of the same things that you are.
God be with you,
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