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Author Topic: If You Think About It.....  (Read 1732 times)

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If You Think About It.....
« on: April 19, 2007, 11:51:57 AM »

As I lie in bed pondering a number of scriptures, a thought came to mind about why pagan religions and false teachers are able to  feed the gullible masses food "sacrifice unto idols".  The answer was a POUND of lies.

 1 ounce of truth mixed in with 15 oz of heresy.  No wonder those in bondage have an easy time swallowing such doctrines.  They want to digest that 1 ounce of truth SOO BADD, they're willing to swallow lots of heresy trying to get it.

So If you think about it, compared to the old Scope ads about mouthwash tasting "mediciny".  The kids were told by their mama's that "if it didn't (taste that way), it wouldn't work."

God's truths are taught that way to a lot of folks.  Consider if young children, were to ask the Scopeesque "Why is there a hell?"  The answer would be "If it wasn't , you wouldn't go to heaven".  At first you grow up (as a LOT of us did)
thinking there's no hope because you will make some bad choices.  But once God reveals His Truths to those whom He calls to hear them, then you'll want no more of the POUND of lies that religion has fed us.  Because he will lead us to repent of them and live in His enduring love.



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Re: If You Think About It.....
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2007, 02:17:28 PM »

Yes, I agree w/ your understanding and explanation of why so many sincere believers are able
to swallow so much garbage.  Having been shown the error of these pagan heresies, we have
the painful experience of being chastened into the image of God--- this is hard enough to make
me pity the poor souls who are trapped in the lies and yet to experience the full judgement of
the Living God. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ches.  It is good to hear, when some of us are stuck w/ only
the thoughts of our own minds and no one within touching range that understands these truths. 



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Re: If You Think About It.....
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2007, 10:37:57 PM »

Thank you for this thread Ches and JJ.  Unfortunately so many good folks have sold out to the Truth for a sorry rendition of the truth;  you are right, they take all of the untruths just to get a tiny morsel of the real truth. 

However, there are those whom are wolves in sheeps clothing whom are truly out to ignore all that christians take in, b/c these hypocrits  don't care that they have many idols of their hearts...namely their own mind, thoughts, logic, intelligence, knowledge, feelings, and self image.  How sad to waste the Truth for carnal things like these.  People are in denial that they don't have the real truth and they simply do not care to change b/c they have excuses for all that they do and they do not want someone to interupt their pagan ways, thus,  they will do all that they want to do regardless of being shown the Truth; they will resent you for showing them the truth too, b/c in their HEARTS they love what journey they are on and they resent the truth !   

I have no problem with believers whom are seriously blinded by the truth, but, I do have a problem with people who blatantly claim to be believers in Christ Jesus and yet they are hiding the fact that they are worshipping pagan gods and won't be honest with you.

There are churches that covertly teach true paganistic and ancient ways while acting like they are just as 'christian' as the church next door; while all the time they are avid worshippers of pagan gods such as foreign idols; the green goddess of the earth; the shamanism (witch doctors) for healing- while the plant itself is the god of healing; using crystals for healing; using tarot cards; going on quests to where they have to find themselves while bowing down at the literal altars of the gods of the great spirit (Indian spirits) or textile spirits or so many more literal pagan gods and goddesses.

Do not be deceived fruit inspectors!!!

Much love in Yeshua!
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