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Author Topic: You are no more enlightened than a broken bulb!  (Read 2687 times)

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You are no more enlightened than a broken bulb!
« on: April 20, 2007, 11:46:03 AM »

Mr. Smith,
I have spent the last 15 minutes or so reading your comments on Hell as well as reading some comments from other readers and I must say that I am sick to my stomach.  I read your comments to viewers who disagree with you and you act like a bully with a keyboard.  You slam people down and treat them like trash all under the guise of being a credible expert.  Please, you are good at looking up scriptures and concocting a thought that makes you seem enlightened.  You are no more enlightened than a broken bulb.
        Your stance on Hell is way off base and you twist things to mean what you want them to.  Question: what will happen to Satan after he is tossed into the lake of fire?  Will he ever be purged from his sins and allowed back into heaven?  What about those who have sinned greatly and are in hell right now.  Will they ever get out?  The answer is that Satan will be there for an eternity and so will everyone else that ends up there.  The parable of Lazrus and the Rich man is real and came from the mouth of Christ himself and you will not change the Word of God….I will not let you and neither will my Father and my Brother.  Hell is real and if more people knew it our society would be a whole lot different.
        This brings me to my next point and that is around your theory of free will.  You claim there is no such thing and you cite all types of scriptures to back it up..except you don't prove a thing.  Under your theory, man does not have a choice in anything.  We are puppets in this crazy thing called life and whatever we do is the will of God.  Is that about right?  That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  In any and I do mean ANY situation, every single person has the choice of whether to sin or not.  Fornication, idolatry, lying and so on, are all sins that do not have to be.  In the end there should be no other goal in life then to be a perfect Son of God..just like Christ.  After all he is our example, right?  He w as tempted in all things like as we yet without sin! Mr. Smith, I am not and educated person but I do know that man was never meant to know sin.  Adam and Eve were NEVER meant to know evil/sin but they disobeyed because they chose to eat of the forbidden fruit.  If that is not free will then I do not know what is.  Yes, we have laws and moral codes that guide us but in the end we all have to make a decision on how we will walk on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis. Just like the man who shot all those people at Virginia Tech, he had a choice and lets be real clear the choice he made was not the will of God. God did not make him do that.  He is just!
        My last question is this, why were you able to retire from roofing?  You are a man that is full of Pride and you have let that infect your own interpretation of the Word.  I am not putting you down, I have had it myself, but it does not change the facts. You have added and subtracted and even changed things in the Word of God so as to justify the way you live. But I know a man that lived 100% sinless despite being tempted by the opposite sex and despite the urge of money and any other temptation you can think of he overcame them all for us and his name is Jesus Christ and his life should be the way we live. I know you don't believe that and you'll probably delete this email and go on misleading others but you are wrong none-the-less. There will be a day when all have to answer for what they have done..judgment is a scary place, especially with the blood of others on your hands!

        Dear Joshua:
        Just like many thousands of detractors before you, you prove yourself to be guilty of the false accusations you level at me. It is YOU, Joshua, who lies, and twists, and distorts, and adds to and takes away from,  the things that I teach.
        I have never said that "man doesn't have a choice in anything," as you suggest, or that God "makes people sin," or any other such unscriptural nonsense. You have not a clue as to what you are talking about. You said correctly when you stated "If that is not free will then I do not know what is." For surely you do not understand this subject, neither do you accept the many dozens of plain declarations of the Scriptures. If you were "NEVER meant to sin," as you foolishly state, then why is it that you not only HAVE sinned, but YET sin?  If you have the power to NOT SIN, then why DID you sin? Why DO you sin?  Am I going too fast for you?  Apparently so.
        Listen to me, Joshua, it is real easy to run me down and suggest all kinds of evil things and evil motives in me, but here is what you won't do and what you can't do:  Quote ONE STATEMENT from any of the thousands of pages of material on my site, and then site TWO SCRIPTURES that prove my statement false. In other words: "Put you money where your mouth is."  I "put down" sin, and lies, and heresy, and blasphemy--THAT'S what I put down, Joshua, not PEOPLE. If the truth offends, SO BE IT!  But if you are going to accuse me, do it truthfully; do not lie and do not slander, for you will give account of these things in Judgment. Yes, I do still have pride, but I guarantee you that I am not "FILLED WITH PRIDE," as you foolishly suggest.
        Now then, I will not "delete" this email as you suggest, but I will post in on the International Internet for the whole world to see. Then we will wait for your answer:  ONE QUOTE/TWO SCRIPTURES. Can you handle that, Joshua, in defense of all your free-lance condemnation of me?  You can go to the Forum at the bottom of our home page to see your email posted along with any comments that others might make.
        God be with you,
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