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Author Topic: Heart?  (Read 2512 times)

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« on: April 21, 2007, 06:38:34 AM »

But my beloved brother, is not the heart just a pump that sends blood, how can evil thought originate in the heart (a pump) that does not think.  Does not the bible means mind when it often speaks of the heart?

Dear Calvin:
No, the heart is not "just a pump." In fact it is very rare that the heart is represented in Scripture as a literal organ of the body. The "heart" of man is the seat of his deepest moral and emotional feelings.
But, no, it is not the "mind." There are separate words for "heart" and "mind" in Scripture. The mind pertains more to the intellect.
You have heard that statement:  "You make me sick to my STOMACH," haven't you? The reason for this is, that deep and profound emotions can be felt in the mid-section of our torso. The people of Mesopotamia thought that the liver was the center and cause of these emotions. The Hebrews realized that it was the heart that pumped the life-sustaining blood throughout the body, hence the heart was considered the center of emotional and moral conduct (be it evil or good).  This is why Jesus taught that evil thoughts of lust and hate and sin come from the heart, rather than from the mind. 
One may compose a love letter in one's mind, but the feelings are coming from that part of our psyche called the heart.  Likewise a murderer may make the technical plans to carry out his dirty deed in his mind, but the motivation is in his heart.
We all need to [1] "Let this MIND be in you which is also in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 2:5), and  [2]  "Take up My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, because I am meek and and humble in heart, and you shall find rest to your souls" (Matt. 11:29).

God be with you,

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