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« on: April 22, 2007, 11:48:51 PM »

    > Hello Ray...
    > I followed with some interest the intellectual chicanery
    > perpetrated against you by the ill-informed student and professor
    > from Florida Bible College. Their doctrinal position is both
    > untenable and error to the highest degree. That they feed that
    > doctrinal garbage to their students (who PAY to learn it from them!)
    > is reprehensible because it insults the Spirit of Truth who is on the
    > earth to lead men into ALL TRUTH.
    > The doctrine of eternal damnation and eternal torment which they
    > proselytize is, and will always be, heresy. They have not done their
    > homework, believing that the KJV Bible is inerrant. No, in actuality,
    > it is a Roman Catholic bible reflecting the Roman Catho lic doctrine
    > of Jerome and Augustine. This is because of the fact that the KJV
    > translators were ROMAN CATHOLIC in their doctrinal upbringing.
    > Scholars hip will reveal that they translated the KJV Bible in the
    > early part of The Reformation, when they had just broken away from
    > the Catholic Church. That they were still Roman Catholic in their
    > thinking is evident by [1] the dedication of their 1611 to Mary, and
    > [2] the church that they founded, The Anglican Church, which is a
    > carbon copy of Rome, complete with Mass Liturgy almost word-for-word.
    > Need I say more? By the way, this is not a criticism of one's
    > beliefs, but my comments are only meant to be an historical
    > observation of how things evolved.
    > Their students need to learn that doctrinal errors which
    > infiltrated the church-at-large over the centuries CANNOT be argued
    > or determined solely by reading the Bible. In fact, most of such
    > errors cannot be easily recognized by reading translations in which
    > these errors have been "parroted" by one group of translators after
    > another for centuries. No, to recognize how these doctrinal errors
    > crept into the church, one must study HISTORY. Their professor needs
    > to do his homework. If he does, he will discover that the first time
    > the words "eternal damnation" and "eternal torment" appear
    > historically in Christiandom is in a novel by Augustine called
    > "The City of God". He got it from Zoroastrianism, from which he was
    > converted as a young man. He brought it into the Catholic Church.
    > Interestingly, the Catholic Church resisted him at first, but
    > acquiesced to his insistence on teaching the doctrine when he
    > threatened to leave Catholicism. This Persian religion always taught
    > a doctrine of eternal hell fire, torment, and damnation. It came f rom
    > Egypt and Babylon. It was brought into the Catholic Church by
    > Augustine, and I believe, Jerome. Tertullian, a so-called early
    > church "father" als o promoted it. He, too, was a convert from
    > Zoroastrianism. it is clear that during and after the Reformation,
    > when the Protestant churches formed and broke away from the Catholic
    > Church, their main interest was to distance themselves from the
    > Popes, but they took the doctrines with them. Thus, these blasphemous
    > doctrines which malign the character of The Father, and the character
    > and work of The Son, have been continued without any critical
    > thinking or scholarship applied to them to this day. The mixture of
    > pagan doctrine with the things of God is the sin of syncretism,
    > forbidden by Scripture. The problem is that the end-time church does
    > not learn from the Scripture that it is APOSTATE, a prophetic sign of
    > the e ndtimes. It teaches others that it is the repository of all
    > truth and doctrine. No...scripture says it is apostate, that is, it
    > has fallen away from the trut h of the Word as originally given and
    > intended by the Holy Spirit. So those, like this professor and his
    > student, who pretend to "know" correct doctrine when Scripture says
    > that the endtime condition of the church-at-large is apostate, and
    > that its teachings are apostate, do not realize that they are
    > operating from the wrong position. The "church" is not the repository
    > of truth. The Holy Spirit is the repository of ALL truth.
    > The tone of their 1st and 2nd e-mail communications to you were
    > condescending. Religious folks always seem to be mean-spirited and
    > tend to resist the Holy Spirit when He is trying to lead them into
    > all truth. I was "amused" at their effort to bring you under
    > correction, operating from the fa lse premise that they "know" the
    > truth . They may know some of the truth but it is apparent that they
    > do not understand the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, whi ch you have so
    > eloquently and correctly presented many times in your e-mail replies.
    > Now here is a message for them: the Scripture says that "Jesus
    > Christ is the Savior of ALL men, ESPECIALLY those who believe...";
    > that Christ will be ALL in ALL (not all in SOME); that He wiill
    > subdue ALL things under His feet; that ALL above the earth, on the
    > earth, and below the earth will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord..
    > WITHOUT EXCEPTION....ALL!; that God wiill make ALL things beautiful
    > in His Time; that He wills ALL men to be saved; that He is the Savior
    > of the WHOLE world; that God will restore ALL things...taught by ALL
    > of the prophets of old (Acts 3:21). Now THAT is the Good News of The
    > Gospel of Jesus Christ, and nothi ng short of that. To miss
    > understanding these concepts is to miss the Gospel itself. Or what
    > part of the word "all" don't they understand?
    > The rel igious nonsense that God said He would restore all things
    > but ended up with a "bunch" of beings He could not do anything
    > He must roast and toast them "forever", presents a picture
    > of the God who said he would (save all men) but couldn't. A God who
    > failed. A God who lost control of His universe and some of the beings
    > whom He created. A God who was too impotent to do what He said He
    > would do. What blasphemy! Please inform the professor and his
    > students that God is not in the business of "damage control" after
    > "something went wrong" early during the Creation . No God is
    > Sovereign, His plan is deliberate, and executed with full knowledge
    > and control over ALL that He is doing; He will do what He said He
    > will do, and Jesus NEVER fails.
    > I hope you will share this with others. It is high time that
    > the people who visit your website realize that you are not alone in
    > what you teach, and that there are MANY ministries out there who
    > recognize and preach the same truths that you preach directly from
    > the Word. We support you and congratulate you on taking your
    > doctrinal stance against religious filth, for the "truth once given
    > to the saints." Blessings in Him,
    > Pastor Zumpano
    > P.S.: I know you are busy, so you need not reply directly to me. I
    > understand.

    Thank you for your email and comments, Pastor.
    God be with you,
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