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Author Topic: Crap  (Read 4222 times)

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« on: April 26, 2007, 09:58:25 PM »

This is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.
> You say that Enoch died, but list the exact scripture
> stating that he was taken into Heaven because he
> walked with God. He did not die. When scripture says,
> "It is appointed unto man once to die", it is
> referring that every man must die to the old sinful
> nature by accepting Jesus as Lord as Savior in order
> to re-establish a relationship with God, and that we
> will ALL be judged based on what we do with Jesus'
> name in the Second Death (after being dead to sin) or
> the Great White Throne Judgment. The Bible is absolute
> truth. If you can't take God at His Word and ask the
> Holy Spirit to give you understanding of it, you have
> ab solutely no business trying to teach it to someone
> else. The biggest trick Satan ever pulled was to
> convince people that he doesn't exist, and he has
> certainly done a number on you.

    Dear Janice:  Why is it totally impossible for my detractors to ever be honest?
    You state that Enoch "was taken into Heaven," and that this is stated in the
    verse that I use to show that he died. Here is what is said of Enoch in Hebrews
    11:5, "By faith ENOCH was translated [Gk: 'transfer or transport'--from one location
    to another] that he should not see death [when he was transported/transferred]; and was not found, because God had translated him [to another location]: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God."
    Now then, Where do you see anywhere  that Enoch "was taken to HEAVEN?"  Where?
    However, go down to verse 13 and you will read this:  "THESE A-L-L DIED in faith, NOT having received the promises...."  Yes, these "ALL" died. These "all" included Abel (Ver 4), Enoch (Ver. 5), Noah  (Ver. 7), Abraham and Sarah (Ver. 8). And so the Scripture is clear: Enoch "DIED."
    Now then, who is telling the truth:  you or I?  Does the Scripture say what you said, or what I have just shown you?  You need to watch your mouth and be careful about condemning people about things you know absolutely nothing about. And that includes all your nonsense on tithing as well.

    God be with you,
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