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Author Topic: Yo Ray  (Read 1892 times)

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Yo Ray
« on: April 28, 2007, 07:24:47 PM »

Yo ray,

Just red sum of yer stuf and I can’t believe yer the 1st  person I have ever run acros that espoused the law of  “ kuz & e Fect” …? I been axin’ fer years ‘bout Lucifer/satan and kept gittin’ thrown oout of churches; I don’t go back iny more. I’m the guy in the back always axin’ the hard questions; eg. ‘ what possible reason could there be in burnin’ someone in hell for eternity?”  needless to say I got no answer other than , “God kin do what He wants”?? go figure.

Back to satan? I been sayin’ fer yers that unless satan is a ‘power within himself’, then God ain’t in control and that God has to be the controlling factor behind evil otherwise it makes null and void the law of ‘kuz & eFect’.

Well good fer u ray fer finally figurin’ it out. I knew one day it would all come to lite as soon as we’d git a smart feller like u On the case. The christiins  have got their theology so screwed up it’s goin’ take an apok a lips ta straighten it all out… what a bunch a ‘ding-bats’( whatever a ding-bat is?).

I’ve ben reddin’ up on N>D>E’s and I’m gittin’ more info. from that than I ever got from the church crowd….. huummm?

See ya there,

Jakc of the universe


We are glad to be of help to you, Jack.

God be with you,

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