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Author Topic: Mindless Puppets  (Read 5838 times)

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Mindless Puppets
« on: April 28, 2007, 07:26:46 PM »

From: Sam
I read a little bit of your stuff and I must say you sound like every other revolutionary crack pot out there. I'm glad you read the Bible but in trying to find the holes in Christian doctrine you yourself create holes. If we are all just mindless puppets in God's plan and millions upon millions of people are going to Hell just because God purposed for them to do so then why is a relationship with Christ necessary to begin with? Why is he our savior at all? and Why would he, in all of his wisdom give life to those who would otherwise be condemned?

The truth in the Bible as I have read it is found in the simplest most well known verse, John 3:16. Furthermore, you make it almost sound as though you are the most enlightened individual, whereas those who are truly enlightened should be hum ble about it. Point your finger at what you think is wrong, Sir.

Though I do believe firmly that you are in error about these matters, it is of little impo rt if you are truly leading people to Christ. I would encourage you to continue as you feel so led, because I know the Bible also says to figure out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Thus I offer you this encouragement in Christ, I hope you will continue to make people question their beliefs and read their Bibles so as to show themselves approved as the Scripture says. However I would ask you to study other doctrines as well as your own more.

Ahhh but you are wrong Sam. We are NOT "mindless puppets" as you suggest, but rather puppets WITH minds.  What a GENIUS God is--puppets.......w-i-t-h   
M-I-N-D-S!   Marvelous!  I love it.

God be with you,
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