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Author Topic: Hell?  (Read 5084 times)

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« on: April 30, 2007, 06:46:55 PM »

        Praise God for your site!!hope for those that "just dont get it right"hate to see 'anyone' burning in a hellhole for all eternity,I dont care what that person has done in his life,,sure I would like him to get back what he dished out,but not for all eternity!! .anyway Question!.but why is it that people that have Jesus in there hearts die happier then those that dont??is it just a pre-conceived notion that they are headed for heaven?just puzzled by this..Thankyou for your response.God Bless You,,Nina

        Dear Nina:
        Yes, I've thought about that myself already. I believe there are two things involved. First, they do believe that they "are headed for heaven" as you suggest. And perception certainly does effect how we face the future whether it be true or not. Example:  A young mother is diagnosed with untreatable cancer and told that she have 6 months at best to live. What is her perception of her future? Bleak!
        However, a month later she is told by doctors that she has absolutely no sign of cancer. Now what is her perception of her future?  It has changed dramatically. The reality of whether she actually did or not doesn't have cancer had nothing to do with her perception. This is similar to the placebo effect when testing new medicines.  Second, we should not discount their belief or faith in Jesus regardless of whether they are truly spiritually converted or not.  The patriots and fathers of the Old Testament may not have been spiritually converted, but they were people of faith, and certainly faced death with stronger convictions and less fear that those who were not people of faith in God.
        Understand that the "called" ARE CALLED!  I try not to belittle deceived Christians. I deplore some of their evil and vile doctrines, but that does not automatically make those who trust in these doctrines total reprobates.  I believe that some are, especially those who study and meditate and desire that others be tortured for all eternity for no redeeming purpose whatsoever.  But the majority are just sincerely deceived people like we all were at one time.  When I make statements like: "
        The CHURCH has not a clue.......," I am making a statement based on fact, not based on my perception of the character of all the individual members of the Church. It is just a statement of what degree of ignorance they are in.  Not everyone can trace one of their family lines back over five hundred years as I can, but that does not negate the fact the if you are of Caucasian descent for example, then you are no further related to all ot her Caucasians than 32nd cousins.  Different races will tend to go back a little further than 32nd cousins, but even then, we are ALL COUSINS.  We all go back to Adam and Eve (Acts 17:26).
        I might have gotten off subject there a little bit, sorry.
        God be with you,

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