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Author Topic: I know The Holy Bible (THB) and Father God ordains CP* but what about boxing?  (Read 1810 times)

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* Capital Punishment (The Death Penalty)

Is boxing moral even on an enemy/enemies in any cases even ROCKY IV type boxing?

Go to and (&) type in ROCKY IV and click on ROCKY IV (1985) I am only linking for easier understandance.


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Jesus says to love our enemies.  Sometimes when there is something I am wondering about doing, if it is right in God's eyes, I pray to the Father for his help. 



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You sound quite a bit like me. I often wonder about the morality of things. When I think of boxing, I think like this:

It's a celebration of violence obviously. The boxers are highly, highly paid athletes. (I'm speaking of high level boxing here.) Do they deserve the big bucks? The promoters get big bucks out of it. Do they deserve it? The fans shell out how much for tickets? The fans at home spend what, almost 50 bucks on the pay per view? So now the cable company/satellite company is making big bucks. Do they deserve it? Do the fans have nothing better (be real on this question) to spend their cash on? And the outcome of the whole thing is what? The fans spent lots of money and made lots of others rich, all for the "opportunity" of watching guys punch each other. And it betters the world how?

I'm not sure I'd call it "moral". However I'm often ridiculed by my wife and others for being too critical of things, so take anything I say with a grain or two of salt  :)

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