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Author Topic: I can murder!!  (Read 2560 times)

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I can murder!!
« on: May 14, 2007, 08:45:19 PM »

From: ruth
I am so thankful for your "there is no hell" teachings.  I've been thinking about murdering someone, and sacrificing one of my children to a satanic ritual.  I felt a little guilty and thought that maybe God was Holy and a God of justice, and that maybe there was a reason that His Son Jesus died.  But now that I know that there was no reason for it,  that God lets anything and anyone into Heaven, I am so free to live as I want!!  Thank you.  I also want to sleep with as many people as possible that have aids - because you know they won't live very much longer - and then sleep with people who don't have it just so that they can see what it's like to have aids.  I feel so free!!  I also have these dreams about hell and Satan,  and him visiting me and wanting me to be his bride.  Now that I know that He is not real, I know that the vo ices I thought that were coming from Him are really from me,  and I really can cut myself and put small amounts of poison in people's food without any guilt or shame.  Wow - I used to think it was strange that men wanted justice for people doing wrong things - know I know it is strange!!  We shouldn't punish anyone for anything because God doesn't.  And I used to think He was Holy.  Know I know that He isn't!!  He's like a drunk stoned orgy guy just hanging out up there.  I can also pollute things as much as I want!!  Yea!!     Cool -  Wow,  who's paying you to say these things?  Dude, I want to get in on that $$$$$$! 

Dear Ruth: There may not be an eternal hellhole of torture in fire, but there sure is coming JUDGMENT on this world, and it won't be a walk in the park. You are one sick human being.

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