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Author Topic: Thanks Ray  (Read 2102 times)

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Thanks Ray
« on: May 19, 2007, 07:55:56 AM »

    Dear Ray

    I just finished reading these two articles and for the first time finally have an interpretation of Revelation that I can relate to. I “got saved” through a Revelation/Daniel/Ezekiel end time ministry of Barry Smith from New Zealand, not in a church mind you but watching his videos. An earlier mail I sent regarding the tithes bit I testified how I had succumbed to the traditions of the church and lo and behold in the beast within bit you mentioned exactly this as the falling away. I always assumed this to be the falling away of many born-again believers and as I have not been in church for over 2 years counted myself in this group.
    Now I realise that, the falling away happened a long time ago. Finding myself in challenging financial circumstances and not knowing why “God had abandoned me” I mean I gave big in the past etc. etc. I can see some method in God’s way. I would never had discovered these truths elsewhere, in fact I have sampled all the churches in my town and never found true peace or truth at any of them, just the same old rhetoric with a different angle here and there.   

    I could never buy in to the prosperity teaching although I do believe that what you sow you will reap. I also believe that part of scripture that talks about having ones reward on earth vs. the reward in heaven. I have never been able to relate to expensive cathedrals we see on TBN and the masses of the two-legged sheep sitting and applauding half truths followed by infomercial type advertising that takes up at least 25% of the ½ hour segments. I cannot stand the smugness and self-righteousness of most of these preachers, I cannot call them teachers, in fact Jesse du Plantis who boasted about manifesting his wealth as being a son of the Kingdom just didn’t quite match up to the humility of our Lord in the gospels, he was in the open fields ministering to the needy that the synagogues probably banned from their doors, simple folk. If people want to support an evangelist in acquiring a new Citation et c. Benny Hinn is on the same mission but at least we see his crusades in other countries albeit he is only an instrument. I have yet to see any footage of Jesse in a foreign country. Are Americans really this gullible?

    There have been a number of programs recently on Discovery and National Geographic “Secret Bible” and the supposed marriage of Jesus to Mary and resulting off-spring being in France viz the holy grail. There has also been in this series various opinions expressed about Revelation from theologians and preachers alike with graphic Hollywood styled interpretations of the stars falling (comets), locusts (apache helicopters) etc. All this seems to be unsubstantiated lies with some reference to the Dead Sea scrolls for justification.

    I do not consider myself a biblical scholar but my common sense tells me this is a lie. For others seeking the truth like myself could you not sometime in the future pass comment on this rubbish with truths as you are doing in the lake of fire series?

    Thanks again for opening my eyes and sorry sending you 2 emails in one day but I am excited! Also registered for the forum.

    Keep up the good work. God Bless!




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