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Author Topic: How do you know all this stuff is right?  (Read 5814 times)

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How do you know all this stuff is right?
« on: May 19, 2007, 07:59:06 AM »

how do you know all this stuff is right?  its all so complicated and i believe in God but how do you know god is real and that satan wasnt ever good. There are so many versions of bibles that you cant be sure yours is correct. I'm not being a hater just wondering.

Dear Tim:  I receive many emails in which people ask me to tell them how to solve all their problems or how to be happy or how to completely obey God or how to be healed or have all their prayers answered, etc. Not only can I not tell people how to do these things in an email, but I can't completely tell people how to do these things if I could spend a couple of weeks with them. "How do I know that God is real?" Many reason: All that is in creation is proof of a very very intelligent, wise, and powerful Creator. I also believe in the Scriptures. Why. That would take weeks to explain. I sometimes have prayers answers. Now that's not a normal thing to happen. There is so much profound knowledge in the Scriptures that I am totally convinced that muc h of it came from a supernatural source. What information and knowledge? That would take weeks.  I write about virtually EVERY SUBJECT that anyone has ever brought up to me, so if you want to know what I know, READ THE MATERIAL ON OUR SITE!

    Have you read it all? NO? Why not?  Read and you will learn. Most "bibles" say the same things. Some miss-translate "aion/aionios," to "eternal," and this is not correct, but so what? I teach the correct way that these few wrongly translated words should be translated, and then the rest of your bible (which ever bible you have) will be just fine. I can show the Jehovah's Witnesses the truth of God from their own Bible. I use a King James, and I have not problem teaching the truths of God from it. Read, re-read, and study all of the material on our site, and if you truly desire to KNOW GOD AND HIS WORD, He will show you.
    God be with you,

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