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Author Topic: Modesty?  (Read 2558 times)

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« on: May 21, 2007, 10:41:21 PM »

        Today I have read some of your articles. My comments might be a bit tough or sound offensive.  Jesus did not tickle many
        ears himself.   From most of what I read I agree with.  But I have some questions. If they are too difficult for you or are an
        insult to your ego I will understand in full.
        We all have our opinions about modesty.  In apparel, homes ect.   Could you please tell me how Jesus would describe modesty.  How can we learn to live modest lives?
        Do you think your ministry would appear more credible if your website home page looked different.  Perhaps by  putting the
        name L. Ray Smith in smaller letters.   Does this make sense.   Your format looks rather self-exalting.
        I am no longer in wonder how some of these deceptive ministries  prosper.   Many are prospering in wealth only.  One
        common characteristic of these false teachers is that they are "beyond correction".
        Maybe it will take a dumb a@@ to tell them different.

        Dear Brad:
        "PAUL, a slave of Christ Jesus..." (Rom. 1:1).
        "PAUL a called apostle..." (I Cor. 1:1).
        "PAUL an apostle of Christ Jesus..." (II Cor. 1:1).
        "PAUL, an apostle (not from men neither through a man)..." (Gal. 1:1)
        "PAUL, an apostle of Christ Jesus through the will of God.... (Eph. 1:1).
        "PAUL and Timothy, slaves of Christ Jesus..." (Phil. 1:1).
        "PAUL, an apostle of Christ Jesus...." (Col. 1:1).
        I am not ashamed of who I am or what I believe.
        Sorry if you think introducing myself is "self exalting."
        Putting one's name in six point type at the top of a
        TITLE PAGE would look rather dumb and it would appear
        as a phony attempt to present oneself as "humble."
        God be with you,

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