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Author Topic: Agent of the devil?  (Read 4813 times)

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Agent of the devil?
« on: May 22, 2007, 09:45:35 PM »

        I just paid my tithe just now, on my gross, and I typed unto gooogle "blessings that follow tithe payers" and I was shocked to find your site coming on.
        I read through a couple of lines and I dismissed it as one of those people who do not know anything about God, have norelationship with him, and basically feel disturbed in their spirit when they see people who do.
        By paying tithes, you are only helping yourself. You are not helping the pastor or "men-of-the-clothes" like you call them and of course, you are not helping God.
        I repeat you are only helping yourself.
        Are you an agent of the devil?

        Dear Olabode:
        Let me see if I understand your correctly:  Tithing does NOT help the pastor and it does NOT help God, as it is "ONLY helping yourself."  Seems like a pretty "greedy" thing to do then, doesn't it?  Just for your information, I DO NOT write the material for for "myself," but for OTHERS.  I think that that is the loving thing to do. But if you equate "loving works of God" to "the DEVIL," then maybe it is YOU who do not have a "relationship with God," and it is YOU who needs to re-evaluate your relationship with God.
        God be with you,

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