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Author Topic: Race  (Read 5215 times)

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« on: May 25, 2007, 10:23:03 PM »

        Dear Sir,

                Thank you for sharing the insight God has given you.  I've been perusing your emails and replies for several days now and have finally come across a topic I thought I may actually be able to provide Insight to YOU for a change.  :)
                A Lady Named Karen Asked you where the "races" or different skin colors came from.  It is important to understand firstly that there is NO SUCH THING as "RACE" as it is taught today.  The modern concept of "race" was invented by evolutionist racists who sought to prove that people who looked different were evolutionarily inferior.  Ask any evolutionist where races came from and they will either say Divergent Evolution (one common "missing link" branched off) or Convergent Evolution ( Different "missing links" all evolved into the same basic shapes).  It is easy to see how NEITHER of these GUESS ES claims that all people are in fact ONE people and therefore cannot be said to have been "Created Equal".  But I digress.  I'm sure you're already all too well aware of the evil and RIDICULOUS nature of evolution.
                A simple study of genetics will tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to add traits to a gene pool, you may only TAKE THEM AWAY through selective breeding.  Take a course in animal husbandry at your local college, or just go ask an AKC DOG BREEDER where BREEDS came from because thatís what the so called "races actually are, different BREEDS of human.  Long ago there was a type of dog much like a modern lab but it came in many different colors.  1 liter of puppies would yield spotted dogs, black dogs, tan dogs, etc.  Breeders picked ONE color they liked and only bred the dogs with the desired color.  After a few generations the "Purebred" Black Lab was declared it's own BREED.  Nothing was Ad d ed to the genetic pool.  All of the other colors were removed.  It would only take ONE breeding to yield puppies of more than one color again.
                Hopefully no one is offended by my comparison of dogs to humans.  But the principle is identical.  When god created man he instilled the necessary genetic code for EVERY variation seen today.  While all mankind spoke the same language and lived close together there was no need for any of these traits to be removed.  However, after the tower of Babel, Mankind experienced the first Linguistic Isolation.  Only people who spoke the same language were likely to breed and there fore the genetic traits that were dominant in the Other languages, were lost to their gene pool.  Afterwards the earth was divided, casing Geographic Isolation.  People trapped together by mountain ranges, rivers and seas now had even SMALLER gene pools to draw from.  Also ther e was now a drastic climactic shift.  Some genetic traits made groups of people more comfortable in warm areas, and others more comfortable in the cold.  These people would naturally migrate to areas where the felt most comfortable. (creating the illusion to evolutionist that the climate dictated their appearance rather than the other way round).
                ANYWAY, I'll conclude as I know you're very busy.  IF so called Purebred dogs are allowed mate outside their breed their offspring is invariably healthier, stronger and more suited to survive.  The more they interbreed into so called "mutts" the closer they return to God's original Genetically TRUE creation.  The same is true for Humans.  There is no "Master Race" but rather, as language barriers and geographic barriers continue to fall, and the "races" continue to marry together and forget there difference we come closer to returning to the TRUE genetic poss ib ility of GOD.  I've tried not to get too long winded but I feel strongly on this subject as far too many people seem to have a question as to just WHO Jesus came to save.  Mark tells us that Jesus said All the sins of  "The Sons of MAN" would be forgiven.  I'm no Hebrew scholar but I seem to remember being told that ADAM is Hebrew for MAN.  We are ALL the sons (and of course daughters) of ADAM.  THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF PROOF CONFIRMING ANY FACET OF MACROEVOLUTION.
                Thank you for your valuable time.  I hope this clears up some issues for a few of your readers.  The blatant lies of they who call themselves "scientists" are often stumbling blocks for those who would believe.
        Keep on taking their blinders off.
        Very Respectfully,

        Thank you for your email and comments, Robert.
The most concise statement regarding the races is found in Acts 17:26 & 28--"And has made of ONE BLOOD ALL NATIONS OF MEN...For we [all of us; all races; all nations] are also HIS OFFSPRING."
        God be with you,

        PS   See a thesaurus and try and find a better word for "race" that carries the same connotation, and each one of them comes up short or more limiting that the word "race"-- people, nationality, cast, variety, type, mankind, tribe, group, ethnic stock, class, kind, nation, folk, gene pool, pedigree, lineage, community, inhabitants, population, populace, public, clan, breeding population, etc. Laws now prohibit racial prejudice, which seems rather silly, seeing that we are ALL OF THE  "H-U-M-A-N  RACE!"  Why doesn't the law read that we are not to discriminate against anyone who is a "HUMAN BEING?"

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