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Author Topic: Judgement?  (Read 5482 times)

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« on: May 26, 2007, 11:04:24 PM »

        Good morning Ray,
        I am reading the latest installment of the Lake of Fire series.  It is really excellent.  I have a question.  When you write that judgement is not for the world right now, John 12:31 came to mind;
        Now is the judgment of this world:  now shall the prince of this world be cast out.
        Even, as a little girl, I would look around at all the sorrow in the world, be sad, and think there must be a reason for it. Any insight into this verse would be much appreciated.
        Thank you Ray.

        Dear Lisa:  Thank you for your keen eye. I receive numerous statements on a regular basis regarding something I have said previously to something they are presently reading. Sometimes it is an actual error on my part, and sometimes it is just a matter of semantics, different word meanings, translation, etc.
        True, we have the statement: "NOW is the judgment of this world..." (John 12:31).
        But then we also have: "Because He has appointed a day in the which He WILL JUDGE [future tense, not NOW]  the world..." (Acts 17:31).
        A contradictions? No, not really. We first have to understand that there have always been "Judgments" of God throughout the history of mankind. Adam and Eve were judged, then Cain, then Noah's flood, Babel, Israel, Judah, etc.  Unfortunately, translating and interpreting are not easy endeavors.  Frequently the Hebrew or Greek will use but one word that has numerous English equivalents. And contrariwise, frequently the Hebrew or Greek will have numerous words for which the English Language has but one. We have a similar situation in this apparent contradiction.
        In John 12:31 we are told that "NOW is the JUDGMENT [Gk: 'krisis'--tribunal, justice, condemnation] of this WORLD [Gk: 'kosmos--orderly arrangement, the world, in a wide or NARROW sense,' Strong's #2889]."
        Now Acts 17:31, "Because He has appointed a day in the which He WILL JUDGE [Gk: 'krino--try, condemn, punish'] the WORLD [Gk: 'oikoueme--the land, the GLOBE] in righteousness."
        As you can see, both the words for "judge" and "world" are different in both verses. Concordant translates Acts 17:31, "the INHABITED EARTH," as does Rotherham's  Version, "the INHABITABLE EARTH." The Emphatic Diaglott has "judge the INHABITABLE."
        After Jesus' statement in John's gospel, it was but a short time that God judged Jerusalem and Palestine by having them utterly destroyed, but this was not the judgment of Acts 17:31 in which the WHOLE INHABITED GLOBE of planet earth will be judged.
        Hope this helps yours understanding.
        God be with you,

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