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Author Topic: The Beast  (Read 2465 times)

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The Beast
« on: May 27, 2007, 08:33:13 PM »

> Hello, I am 15 years old and have discovered your website. After reading
> some of your articles in the "Lake of Fire" series a close friend and I have
> some things to say. Quotes from our MSN conversation will follow.
> In response to "THE LAKE OF FIRE - Part XIII - WHO IS THE BEAST?"
> My friend says:
> The beast is some ***hole roman (censored for your protection ^_^)
> Forgot his name...
> Me: Nero?
> Him: Yeh, i think
> They converted his name to hebrew i think and it turned out as a number, 666
> or 616 depending on interpretation. Problem solved. Go blame the romans
> Me: This article makes me think, I haven't read the end yet but I think it's
> saying that the beast represents sin
> Him: From what i read long ago, the beast represents the Roman's being
> ***holes when they persecuted christianity
> --
> I quoted your article: "Is there, OUT T HERE SOMEWHERE, a power for evil that
> is even GREATER than Satan the Devil, himself? Why havenít we been warned
> about him before we come to Rev. 13:7?
> Did Jesus ever warn us of this wild beast? Did the apostles? Did Paul to the
> nations, warn of this evil power? How could the saints themselves, be
> deceived by this wild beast? I thought that the very elect of God CANNOT be
> deceived"
> This made me think - "OMGZ - Azerate!"
> Confused? I will explain.
> "Whatever this wild beast from the sea is, it is among the five greatest
> pronouncements that bring in the "end of the world" ó the "consummation of
> the age."
> This wild beast from the sea is the only thing in all Revelation that "makes
> war with the saints" AND "OVERCOME them.""
> Wikipedia states: Under the name of Azerate these eleven forces join
> together as the eleven-headed black dragon, whose all-dissolving powers are
> even more concetrated and powerul than the eleven separate ones. Azerate is
> the wholeness of the Anti-cosmic current that with its chaotic fires burns
> black holes in the cosmic barriers preparing for the complete invasion of
> cosmos by the Wrathful Chaos.
> COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT. Azerate, the fusion of eleven demons, INCLUDING
> SATAN, is said to bring about the end of the world.
> The eleven ones, that become Azerate when uniting are:
> * Moloch
> * Beelzebuth
> * Lucifuge Rofocale
> * Astaroth
> * Asmodeus
> * Belfegor
> * Baal
> * Adramelech
> * Lilith
> * Naamah
> * Satan
> --
> My friend: Well here's what we learned today: Lucifer is a normal name, and
> the Romans were the root of all evil
> Me: Hell yes! Those articles of INQUISITIONS and TORTURE prove it (I'm
> referring to an amazing s et of articles here:
> ---
> Him: From reading the bible, countless times, I never understood the term
> "Roman Catholic"
> Because, weren't the Romans really bad to Christians?
> Wasn't the term 666 made as a memorial to how much of an ******* that roman
> emperor was?
> ---
> I go with my theory: that the beast represents all sin...
> Him: It's a metaphor - That atrocities committed by that roman guy
> represents the horrible things mankind does...
> ---
> Thank you for your time!

Dear Amy: More than the beast representing "sin," is is symbolic of the "sinner"
who commits the sin. "For ALL have sinned..." (Rom. 3:23). All humanity
"are BEASTS" (Ecc. 3:18).
God be with you,

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