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Author Topic: Christ hijacked by Christendom?  (Read 4501 times)

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Christ hijacked by Christendom?
« on: May 28, 2007, 06:34:47 PM »

> I noticed you take a stand against Christendom but
> aren't they basically the apostolic teaching by
> Jesus's disciples? On one hand, it's good to
> challenge their doctrines as these "holy" guys (that
> includes the Pope) were mere men who are fallible,
> hence also their words. Then, only Christ's words that
> matters? It's like one cannot mix the "old wineskin
> with the new wineskin" analogy. If that's the case, a
> lot of what Paul and John said were questionable or
> maybe men has intepretated them wrongly? Isn't that
> actually what had happened...the theologians came up
> with doctrines which we paid homage to and hold on
> dearly as tradition throughout the ages? I don't know,
> it's like how do you take down such a colossal
> establishment and a t the same time making oneself
> exclusive about Christ's teachings??
> Sincerely,
> KwaiYing

        Dear Kwai:  Well of course, I do not "take down" the world of Christendom, I

        merely point out the pagan doctrines they have incorporated into Christianity, and I

        then show what the Scriptures really say regarding these matters. And "" is the result.

        God be with you,

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