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Author Topic: Rich Man & Lazurus  (Read 5407 times)

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Rich Man & Lazurus
« on: April 12, 2006, 05:50:15 PM »

While serching for info on dinosaurs I stumbled on your pages, and was immediately taken aback about the above subject.  I agree with you, at least in part, that there is nothing to show that this is speaking about "eternal" things.  However I do not agree this to be a parable.  I believe it to be a true story, because Lazarus is named, and the rich man requested that someone return from the grave to warn his brothers.  It, therefore, has none of the markings of a parable.  But the story does show the abode of those who have departed.  They are in "Hades", the abode of departed spirits.  It is a staging area for eternity, but eternal rewrds and punishment will only be meted out when Christ returns in the clouds for the final judgment.  The point being made is that once a person has left this huan body there is no more chance to change.  The two men, Lazarus and the rich man, knew their final destination, just as a man in handcuffs and myself waited in an air terminal some years ago in Germany.  We both knew where we were destined.  The prisoner knew he was headed for the judges sentence to jail - I knew I was headed for a vacation in the USA.  Those who assign this story as representing the final judgment seem not to have studied the Bible.  Likewise those who claim it to be a parable are mistaken.

Dear Arlis:

Your email is pathetic. You have not a clue as to what a parable is or isn't.  You are merely parroting the same unscriptural nonsense that you heard someone else parrot a million times.  Nothing that you have stated is Scripturally true--NOTHING. Save this email until judgment--you will be reading again to your own shame and embarrassment.

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