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Author Topic: Set Ray Straight  (Read 1994 times)

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Set Ray Straight
« on: May 30, 2007, 08:23:27 PM »

If Hell does not exist, how do you explain the gates of Hades (Which Jesus took the keys for to set the captives free at calvary!) and the lake of fire mentioned in Revelation!? I'm 21 years, don't have my bible with me right now and I don't think it's worth my going and getting it to set you straight. "Setting people straight" is not something we are called to do, remember the analogy Jesus gave in one of the first gospels, "Before point out the speck in your brothers eye, deal with the plank in your own..." And the scripture on how to deal with conflict, or any such misdealings (could also relate to this "setting contradictions" straight you seem "called to"), that first you take it to your brother. If he will not listen, go to him with another. If he still then will not listen, then bring it before the church and he will be considered and treated as a heathen.
I've written to you before about your thing on tithes, I see you've changed it (or done a new one about "why it's a sin to enforce tithes on new testament Christians"....enforcing isn't right, that's correct, because it's between God and man, but each will be accountable for their dealings on judgment day. How about you leave the details for those who want to waste their time caring. Jesus wasn't interested in the details, he shut down the Pharisees every time with their "details".....You seem to have a gift for this bible research thing, but I do thoroughly recommend that you do more than claim to be spirit-lead, actually be it...You might need to start somewhere more humble again....Where it's not about you.....Jesus served man and He is the Son of God!!!
"Do in secret where only the Father can see and you will be lifted up, do in public for all to see and you have your reward, but aren't in line with the Father's reward" (Paraphrasing)
I don't mean to discourage or discredit you for you are most seemingly meant for this manner of Evangelism, but the manner of your messages and their partial nature are most disheartening to me. Nothing here feels right, people will be mislead by your words, taking you at it cus you seem to know what you're talking about and are well-read....But one can not use own opinions in these studies for they will be in danger of interpreting God's Word for their own purposes and miss vital details. You can interpret something and use scriptures to make a point till the cow's come home, doesn't make them correct.
I don't need to be a Bible expert or theologian to point this out, that was why the Jewish people (lead by the "educated" pharisees) missed Jesus.....They believed what was easiest to believe, what they were comfortable believing, what they wanted to believe and used scriptures out of context of others to try and justify their claims.....There's a scripture for that too.
Guard your heart, check your intentions, listen to God's spirit and measure your fruits....Don't try so hard, the more of us the less of God....You can't write a thesis on God cus that comes out of your own tank, which is a shallow pool. Only in Christ, through the holy spirit have we living waters that are endless (John 7) from which we may draw.
P.S God is Trinity, it's very explicit about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being one and the same.....John 1 states it clearly when referring to Jesus as the word.
Blessings to you
"If Christianity were a crime would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

Dear Shaun:  Well I guess you really set me straight. It's clear that you have no "beams" in your eyes. Have you ever looked up the meaning of the word "gobbledygook"?

    God be with you,
    PS   Whenever someone tells me how YOUNG they are for the vast amount of wisdom they have acquired, I am always suspect--21 you say?  I would have thought maybe 15 or 16. And fear not, you have not dicouraged or discredited me in the least.

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