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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 4578 times)

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« on: May 30, 2007, 08:24:08 PM »

Dear Ray Smith,

I read your article and you bring up a lot of good points. I am a believer of the whole bible. I believe that tithing although sounds old because it comes from the old testament is a good habit to form for those that give less than cheerfully of what God has given them fully. And also truly cheerful givers that God commanded us to be, should give more than 10% in my opinion. Christ didn’t give limits because he sacrificed himself fully. And I am not saying we can give up all our money fully because it would not be wise but for many of us we can give more than 10% if we knew that the money we earned from our living was God’s not ours. Also I believe a cheerful giver should give to the church as being part of the body and also being the bride of Christ. Being a cheerful giver to the Church is the closest thing to giving to Christ because the church is the bride. Anyways those are my comments. I know it may sound old fashioned or not exactly how yo u may feel. ! But if you can respond to my comments that would be appreciated. Thanks.



    Dear John: It is totally meaningless to discuss giving money to a church (ANY amount) with the Law of Tithing found in the Old Testament. Tithing has NOTHING to do with money or the New Covenant, so why try to tie the two together in some way. I teach "CHEERFUL GIVING" in my paper on tithing, so why are you writing me? What is it that you think you are telling me that I don't understand? What? Tithing had nothing to do with "giving," it had to do with "paying your taxes." Do you "tithe" to the utility companies? Do you "tithe" your income tax? Is giving a homeless person a meal or clothing, TITHING? Teaching people over international television by the thousands of hours that tithing is a law of God, the breaking of which is a SIN, the penalty of which is DEATH (or as they teach--eternal torture in literal fire), to millions of people who cannot even afford their medicine or food or housing, that if they do not "tithe" ten percent of everything they have to some "holy man" living like a worldly Hugh Hefner, that they will be "CURSED WITH A CURSE" and spend eternity in hell IS A BLASPHEMOUS SIN OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE, and those who teach such unscriptural swill will be severely Judged in the Great White Throne Judgment.

    God be with you,

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