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Author Topic: Hell!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 3961 times)

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« on: June 01, 2007, 06:54:47 PM »

Dear Johnny: I will make a few COMMENTS in your email.............

So your trying to say that, people in hell will long to be with people in heaven.
COMMENT:  NO. There are no people "in hell," and there are no people "in heaven."
 I dont if thats what your trying to say. But I do know your saying that people in hell wont be tourmented.
COMMENT:  Actually, you don't know any such thing. People will be "tormented" in "judgment," not in "hell."
But that Judgment will not be eternal. God is not an insane demon. You do not torture people in literal fire for
all eternity for "lying" or being "fearful" (Rev. 21:8). That's totally insane by anyone's standard.  Jesus said that those worthy of only a "few" lashes in Judgment will receive only a few lashes. How does one administer only a "few" lashes FOR ALL ETERNITY?

 Well I dont how you mangaged to twist the Bible that bad,
COMMENT:  You have not shown that I have "twisted" the Bible AT ALL.
 but I did a study on near death experiences. And people that have seen hell, claim there to be an awful tourment. Most go along with the same description. Also the bible only says so. What do you think weeping and gnashing of teeth mean.
COMMENT:  If you continue to read my series on "HELL" in my "Lake of Fire" series, you will KNOW what "weeping and gnashing of teeth" means,
 Not everything Jesus said was a parable.
COMMENT:  I have never suggested that it was.
 And if it was, then us christians got a whole lot of studying to do.
COMMENT:  Well, I'll say "AMEN"  to that. Most Christians don't even read the Bible regularly, let alone study it.
God be with you,

 I'll pray for my brother. I dont mean any offense, just to get the facts strait. So if i did please forgive me. Thank you and God bless.
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