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Author Topic: Trinity  (Read 5206 times)

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« on: June 02, 2007, 09:52:11 PM »

Dear Wesley:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email.......

    The Trinity was used by early church fathers as an attempt to explain the 3 divine beings that make up God.

    COMMENT:  I'm afraid the term "church father" has come to mean "Anyone from any country in any of the first three centuries who believe the same heresy that I do." There are no 3 divine BEINGS that make up God.

    It's like a team... u dont have a team w/o the manager, players, and coaches. 3 parts, 1 team...

    COMMENT:  Nonsense, God is NOT like a 'team." Which "one" is the "manager?" The "team?" The "coach?"  Then how is God like a "team?"  Or is God like an EGG--shell, white, yoke? Or WATER--liquid, solid, gas?  What utter and foolish nonsense. Not to mention UNscriptural and ANTIscriptural.

    Jesus Christ was CONCEIVED by the Holy Spirit. In other words, it was the Holy Spirit that caused Mary to become pregnant with Jesus.

    Now then, when Jesus was born, He was NOT "the Son of the Holy Spirit," but rather He was "the Son of the FATHER" (II John 2:3).  Every little school boy in the street knows that whoever conceives a child in a mother's womb is the FATHER OF THAT CHILD when it is born, NOT SOME OTHER PERSON. Am I going to fast for you?

    Therefore, the Holy Spirit OF God the Father is God the Father's SPIRIT. It belongs TO God the Father. God the Father does ;not belong TO the Holy Spirit. God the Father is not the HOLY SPIRIT'S FATHER, but rather the Holy Spirit is God the FATHER'S SPIRIT.  Therefore the Holy Spirit is NOT A PERSON, and your whole trinity nonsense falls flat on its face.  But will you answer me back on this point? No, of course not. I have shown this Scriptural proof to probably a hundred detractors and not one of them has ever written back to answer this unanswerable proof from Scripture that the Holy Spirit OF God (and also OF Jesus Christ, since the Father has given Jesus of His Holy Spirit as well) is not a separate person of a so-called triune God.

     my only reason for pointing this out is b/c it seems like much of your theology is self taught,

    COMMENT:  Actually, I learned "my theology" from Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. But I guess such things don't count for much in todays academia.

     which is fine, b/c u have "searched the scriptures" (john 5:39). but its important to look at the historical context of the Trinity and realize that everyone at the time had accepted the doctrine of the trinity,

   COMMENT: That's a total crock. Everyone assuredly did NOT accept this pagan doctrine as being Scriptural. And you accuse me of being "self=taught?"  There are "church fathers" who assuredly did not accept this pagan doctrine.

    but they hadn't put a name to it yet. I also think you should be careful where you are referring to the original Greek. The Greek for "God is spirit" is equivalent to "God is a spirit". The only definite article Greek has is "the": articles "a" and "an" are assumed when the Greek article is missing....

   COMMENT:  Oh really?  Just maybe there are times when it should NOT be inserted.  Try this one: "God is A love" (I John 4:8), I think not, anymore than God is A spirit. God is LOVE; God is SPIRIT; God is INVISIBLE.  No articles needed, desired, or acceptable.

    This website of yours is very misleading,

   COMMENT;  YOU are very misleading.

     and from one servant of Christ to another, i would ask that you be careful with the doctrines you are promoting. thank you.

   COMMENT: Although I have never claimed to be flawless, I am nevertheless, very very very careful about what doctrines I promote.  What about you? I have Scripture proofs for my teachings; you have none to support your pagan trinity heresy. If you can't answer the one simple proof I have presented above, then give it up. Repent of this heresy!

    God be with you,


    In Him,

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