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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 5081 times)

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« on: June 04, 2007, 05:44:46 PM »

    Dear Juan:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email...........

        L. Ray
        I just read your articles on tithing and I have to say that the tithing is a god thing.  If you can't give, God understands, bur it's only when refuse to give that saddens Him.  Our pastor only preaches on this subject once a year and that's it.  He does not pressure anyone nor does he preach that we are cursed when we don't give.  I have a little story to share with you.
        COMMENT:  Tithing was a LAW, not an act of voluntary giving (Heb. 7:5). And the fact that your pastor only teaches this heresy once a year does not justify it.
        Back in 1991, I went to an assembly of God church in Tulsa, OK  I paid my tithes regularly, even if I was running low on funds.  After paying all my bills and my tithes, I had $45 to $50 left to buy my groceries per week,  I had a good job, everything was going great.  Then I slowly got out of paying my tithes and then eventually stopped attending church regularly.  The SAME $40 to $50 didn't go as far I was running out of food faster, later lost my job. Explain to me how could the same amount of money not go as far when nothing changed as far as bills or the cost of food at that time not stretch the same.
        COMMENT:  Are you seriously telling me that you "lost your job" because you stopped paying giving your church money that you thought was a "tithe?"  And "$40 or $50" buys just as many groceries after you stopped "tithing" as it did BEFORE you stopped tithing.  This is a mathematically fact that can be easily demonstrated and proved.
        Did you boss tell you that you lost your job because you stopped "tithing?"  What would he tell us was the reason you lost your job if we were to ask HIM?

         Here is one more for you.  As I was paying my tithes, I got behind in paying my rent (1 month) it was $385,
        COMMENT:  Excuse me, I do not mean to demean anything you are telling me, but on the other hand, I amnot one to have the wool pulled over his eyes either. You say, "EVERYTHING  WAS  GOING  GREAT."
        Except for the fact that when you were "tithing" you would "run low on funds." So you clearly were NOT being financially blessed as the tithing peddlers promise, were you?
        WHY did you get a month behind in your rent, "as you were paying your tithes?"

        my pastor came to me one sunday night and and asked me if I was having diffulty in paying my rent, I asked him who told him and he said the Lord spoke to him to talk to me
        COMMENT:  I'm not saying that your pastor was lying to you, but I don't believe him, sorry.
         and the church paid my rent for that month, no one told him, so if you can explain this and still maintain your position on tithing and back it up with scripture, then I'll stop serving my Lord.
        COMMENT:  Sir, I would like to know where in the world you come up with the idea that if "tithing" is not a New Testament LAW, then you will "...STOP SERVING YOU LORD." Are you crazy?  What has one to do with the other?
        Paying tithes works, if you do it with your heart and not just to recieve something in return.
        I used to have the same thoughts as you on quite alot of things in the bible
        COMMENT:  Sir, with all due respect, I HIGHLY HIGHLY disagree with that statement!
        , until one day the Lord revealed to me that I was turning into a "Saul" always remember Paul had to undo all those things he did as Saul.  I say this out of the love of the Lord, don't try to make the scriptures into something you agree with and make it easier on you or others, always remember "Narrow is the path of the just which leads to rightousness, but the wider path leads to death and destruction".  (Matt 7:13,14)  If we try to live the life that Jesus did, then we must do our best to  do so.
        There are two kinds of wisdom, read James 3:13-18.
        Jesus also said "Give to Ceasar what is his and give to God what is God's".  Matt 22:15-22
        COMMENT:  Not that you or most of Christendom ever took notice, but the MONEY, the COINS, that had the seal of government [Caesar] on them, THAT MONEY, was what Jesus said was to go to Caesar, NOT TO GOD!  The subject of that little conversation was "paying TAXES."  How dare a corrupt ministry suggest that God also has a "monetary tax" for His followers today.
        God be with you,

        PS   I have never told anyone to ever stop tithing.  I, however, would not tithe to a church or denomination of men if my head were at the other end of a 57 Magnum!
        Your brother in Christ
        Read Malachi 8:3-12
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