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Author Topic: I feel sorry for you  (Read 1998 times)

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I feel sorry for you
« on: June 06, 2007, 04:55:08 PM »

Hi Ray
I feel sorry for - My prayer for you is that the Spirit of the Living God that I serve will illuminate you mind and heart and allow you to understand the word of God clearly. Satan is blinding you and is causing you to pervert the word of God

Dear Merv:  Thank you for your email and especially for your prayers. But let me tell you how you could REALLY help me. Instead of ranting about what a "blind pervert" I am, why don't you do this for me. Take one of the more evil, perverted, unscriptrual statements of mine, and "QUOTE" it back to me. No, I didn't say paraphrase it according to how you would like to make it sound to mean something that I didn't actually say, but "QUOTE" me. Just one statement, please. Then after you quoted a false, evil, unscriptural, perverted statement of mine, site TWO SCRIPTURES which prove my statement to be evil, wrong, false, perverted, or whatever. Fair enough?  That should take you no more than a few minutes. Can I count on you to do this for me?  Please?  Seriously, this would be a great help to me. So then I can look forward to hearing from you with [1] ONE "QUOTE" of mine from any paper I have written, and [2] TWO SCRIPTURES (No, I did NOT say "bible verses," but SCRIPTURE--Scripture being the words we find in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts from which bibles are translated) that show my statement is false and unscriptural?  Great!  Now you are not going to disappoint me like the hundreds and hundreds of others I have challenged with this in the past, are you?  Not ONE has made good on this challenge.  Perhaps you will be the first.   Or maybe you are just full of hot air, and you will not answer back.  I suspect that you are just full of hot air and intellectual vanity, and I will not hear back from you.  However, should you have a thousand times more spiritual fortitude that the hundreds before you, and should you actually prove a statement of mine to be false with two Scriptures, I will post your email on our site for the whole world to see just how you contradicted my quotation with the Scriptures.  Okay, Merv, I will now hold my breath...............
God be with you,
PS   Why oh why, you ask, do I go on and on like this over you quoting a false statement of mine and proving it false with two Scriptures. I mean, really, isn't this just a little OVER-DONE?  Just a little OVER-THE-TOP on my part?  I do it for a teaching tool for the hundreds of thousands who come to read my site. I want to show them just how totally unwilling anyone among the thousands of Christian detractors who have written me similar emails as yours, in putting their money where their mouth is.  Understand, I am not saying that there are not statements on my site that are not false; there may well be, but I remove or change them when I find them. But so far, no Christian detractor has ever shown me a false statement on my site.  Why not get together with your Christian friends and ministers and teachers, and perhaps all of you combined can come up with ONE FALSE STATEMENT on  Truth be known, we NEED more qualified proof readers to point out anything false on our site.
God be with you again,
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