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Author Topic: Enthusiastic  (Read 5871 times)

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« on: June 08, 2007, 12:00:10 AM »

> Dear Ray
> I am 25 years old and untill viewing your website have felt lost and alone
> in my beleifs. I found jesus at 15 in a messianic synagoge or I should say
> he found me. Since then I have been a part of the wonderful world of
> christiandom. Well I felt God calling me to do something more with my life
> so I started researching and studying for myself. Little did I know that in
> my own studdies with God I would come to form beliefs different and opposed
> to my christian brethren. Every time I opened my mouth with a thought
> outside the box I caught the glances and stares. Then God started to make me
> bold in the truth and well after reading your email page you know how that
> goes. So far I havent found anything in your teaching that hasnt aligned
> with exactly what I beleive The spirit has told me. My wife was reading what
> you were writing and gave me the I told you so speach. Becuase for about the
> last year or two I have found myself cut off from everyone I use to know
> since finding the falsehoods in thier doctrines. I really felt completly
> alone till this moment in my beleif and walk with God. Acept for the spirit
> that is but just knowing there is someone like me out there with more
> reffrences and study time that I can learn from is nice to know. Got a
> couple questions for ya to if you have the time it says your stock piled so
> I'll understand if not. First whats your opinion on everybody can talk the
> talk yet nobody seems to walk the walk. I personally beleive it is my
> calling to sell everything I have devide it among the poor and preach the
> truth of Gods word to ne who will listen. All christens I have talked to
> assure me thats to drastic but I dont recall jesus telling the twelve to
> build big churches and rake in the cash flow. Seco und do you agree that even
> though God is in complete control we should repent since as the fish we
> still took the bait? Like I said I know your busy so If you can reply great
> if not its cool. I just want to thank you for being you so i dont have to
> feel alone.
> God Be With You Always
> James

Dear James: I can appreciate you enthusiasm for God's truth, but you also need
to approach your actions with a bit of Scriptural wisdom. If you have a wife and
family, you have a huge obligation to support them. You know what Paul said
about a man not supporting his family being worse than an infidel. So don't be
in a rush to give away all your possessions and hit the streets with a Bible. After
about 72 hours, you will begin to see the folly of your decision. Even I feel
inadequate for the job I am doing, yet I have had a lot more life experience, and
probably study of the Scriptures than many.
We are reaching two to three thousand visitors a day at our site, and that would
be hard to duplicate or surpass with a Bible out in the street.  Many dozens of
people have written me over the years desiring to become teachers and preachers.
Some have wanted to come to my home, live with me, and have me be a mentor to
them so that they can teach this gospel to the world. I have never heard from even
one of them since.
I know of no where on earth where a dollar goes further in bringing
hundreds of thousands of people to the truths of God, than at, and
yet we have very very little financial support. I have personally held off on buying
reference books, and other needed expensive materials that would help me in my teaching
and preparation for articles, simply because I didn't want to take away from our main
use of funds, and that is advertising on the major search engines.  I am debt free,
but we live off of social security, that's all.
My Web Master and I muse sometimes over what God might let us accomplish if
we had but one week's income from TBN or one of the big money-makers.  As I stated in
my tithing paper:  "Never have so many accomplished so little with so much!"
Concerning repenting:  Yes, certainly, we are to repent of our sins (always) as well as
forgive all others for their sins.
Just take care of your family for now and keep studying God's Word. If God wants
to use you in some other capacity, it will become evident to you without selling out
on your family.
God be with you,
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