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Author Topic: At least she's loving?  (Read 5459 times)

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At least she's loving?
« on: June 08, 2007, 03:31:34 PM »

Dear Vicky:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email.........

    Basically by telling us that you are a simple humble "roofer" you are saying that you indeed have no credentials.
    COMMENT:  EXCUSE ME!  Don't try to put false statements or words in my mouth. I am perfectly capable of speaking for myself.  How could you possibly be so blind and dishonest?  Read my "CREDENTIAL" again, please:

    Ray: Who are you and what credentials do you have to support your authoritative teaching on the scriptures?

        * I have NO "credentials" except the Spirit of God.

    Am I saying that I have "indeed no credentials?"  Is that what you read there.  Do you know what the word "except" means?  Did you think that the word "except" means "no, none?"

    "Except" means:  "With the exclusion of, other than, but..." (The American Heritage College Dictionary).

    Now then, I said "I have no credentials except THE SPIRIT OF GOD."  Do you equate "The SPIRIT OF GOD" with "nothing?"

       I would never open a medical facility then call myself a doctor and try to treat people without the education, knowledge or credentials to do so.
    COMMENT:  But I do not practice Medicine.
      Neither should you create a website claiming great wisdom and insight on the Bible and The Word of God, without some sort of education and knowledge thereof.
    COMMENT:  First of all I have never, ever boasted about have "great wisdom" or any other such nonsense.  But to suggest that I have no education or knowledge of the Scriptures is total conjecture on your part.
    You are just another man with another opinion, another twisted version of The Truth.
    COMMENT:  Okay, let me now count the number of examples of this that you present:  well, there is....ah.......ah ........NONE.  You haven't presented ANY proof of "twisting" of the Scriptures from me, have you?  Listen, I have challenged many hundreds of narrow-minded slandering Christian detractors over the years, with the following:  "QUOTE" statement from any of my two thousand pages of material that you believe to be false, unscriptural, twisted, heresy, or whatever, and then cite TWO SCRIPTURES that prove my statement is false, unscriptural, etc. Fair enough? You could be the first to do this. I will now hold my breath.....  But before I do, don't give me any of the usually excuses that I have received such as: I don't have time (even though they can write pages and pages of nonsense to me); they weren't called to correct me (even though they ARE trying to correct me without the Scriptures); there are too many false statement and lies in my writings (I'm only asking for ONE), Etc.
      In my opinion you need to keep your opinion to yourself.  If your opinion has enlightened you to the "Truth" so be it, but I do believe you are endangering yourself.  Doesn't the Bible say to beware of false prophets coming in My name?  I think people visiting this site will be led to believe that's it ok to sin, (even though you don't say that)  because in the end on judgment day God will just forgive you even if you haven't asked for His forgiveness.
    COMMENT:  I am really going to have to ask you to STOP YOUR LYING, Vicky, or I will not even finish this email. I have never, ever, ever, said, suggested, or hinted that one will be saved without "repenting" or "living a godly life." I would be willing to bet that I use the words "Judge, Judging, and Judgments" more than any of the nearly one billion web sites worldwide.  Would you like to challenge me on that point?  Then you need to hush your mouth about accusing me of fostering SIN.  I teach a standard of morality far far higher than that of Christendom.  You are way out of line with your slanderous accusations, Vicky.
       You are so wrong that it is scary!  If you choose to believe those things that you are greatly deceived by, so be it, but I really think it would be better if you kept your interpretation of the Bible to yourself.
    COMMENT:  Well that is not going to happen as long as I can still draw breath, Vicky.
    We have had only a couple of million visitors to our site so far, but that could change quickly.  Some of the teaching of Christendom are so evil, so vile, so utterly disgusting and insane, that they need to be exposed!  The very idea that God will be torturing billions of grandmothers and grandfather in an eternal hellhole of torture, is totally satanic, deranged, demented, and insane. I despise that damnable unscriptural heresy with my whole being.

    I actually stumbled on this site by accident, the word accident being taken mildly, it should be more like "train wreck", and now wish I had never clicked on the link.    Please don't get me wrong, I do love you and will pray for you.
    COMMENT:  Oh Vicky, cut the pious act. I was born at night, but not last night.
    My guess is that this email won't even get posted.
    COMMENT:  Be my guest:  go to our Forum at the bottom of Your email is there for the whole world to see.
    God be with you, and grant to you a spirit of wisdom to discern the truth,
    PS   One "QUOTE" and "TWO SCRIPTURES"--I'll be waiting.........................

    With God's Love,
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