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Author Topic: Ray, I am a highly learned bible scholar  (Read 6614 times)

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Ray, I am a highly learned bible scholar
« on: June 14, 2007, 01:26:21 PM »

Dear CBS:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email..............

    Dear Ray,
    I consider myself a bible master having studied it 30 years so I will be a challenge for you.
    COMMENT:  Well I consider myself a novice on the Scriptures, so this should be interesting.
      I hope you will consider my study and knowledge of the Bible a true challenge to you as I know you consider yourself most knowledgeable
    COMMENT:  No, that is a false unwarranted assumption on your part. I do not consider myself
    "MOST knowledgeable" on the Bible. Nor have I ever ever said such a thing, or even hinted at it. I have however, suggested on numerous occasions that those who THOUGHT THEMSELVES experts on the Scriptures were "OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE"  when trying to prove my teachings wrong.

     and I study your site to gain further insight as to how accurate the knowledge that has been imparted to me by the Holy Spirit is when I must contend for the faith.  I am sure you know that there are many who claim they have all the answers, including yourself.
    COMMENT:  I'm am beginning to weary over your outlandishly false statements regarding what "I think of MYSELF."
    Now then consider my questions to you:
    What is the Plan of God according to your study?
    COMMENT:  God plan is "To create the physical carnal image of humanity into the spiritual Image of God"
     Why did Jesus say "few" will be who will be found on the Righteous Path that is long and narrow?
    COMMENT:  Because that IS the condition of the majority of humanity in history, at the time Christ said it, and ever since. That is why Jesus said that only the chosen FEW are presently (in His day and in this Church Age) finding the straight and narrow way that leads to eonian life with Jesus in His Kingdom.
      (I ask because you claim ALL will be saved, including Satan.)
    Why then was it necessary for Christ to be crucified if eventually ALL will be saved?
    COMMENT:  It was just as necessary for Christ to be crucified to save one single person, as it was necessary to EVERY single person. The number of people to be saved does not change the method BY WHICH they are saved.  If Jesus uses His key to open the Gate of hades, it matter not whether one person is allowed to escape or whether all persons are allowed to escape, either way, THE GATE MUST BE OPENED!

     Why will Christ upon His return, separate the goats from the sheep and send the goats to their eternal damnation?
    COMMENT:  Well, of course He does NOT send ANYONE to "eternal damnation." That my friend, is a DAMNABLE DOCTRINE OF DEMONS. Read my paper "Is EVERLASTING Scriptural?"
    Why in Revelation is it written that "ouTside" will be the dogs, the scorcerers, the idolators, the fornicators, etc.?  If ALL will be saved according to your studies, why would anyone end up among that group?
    COMMENT:  Salvation is a process requiring JUDGMENT (I Pet. 4:17, etc.).  This is true for the "chosen few" in this church age, and it is true for the rest of humanity in their Judgment.  There are those inside the city and there are those outside the city being purged in the lake of fire so that they too will be able to enter into the city AFTER they are purged and purified by the DIVINE [brimstone] of God's CONSUMING FIRE (Heb. 12:29).
    And most importantly:  Remember, Jesus said He "chose" all 12 disciples and commented that "one of them is a devil"
    COMMENT:  Have you never read where Judas "REPENTED [same word used where Jesus preached "repentance" to enter into the Kingdom] for the evil crime he had committed  (Matt. 27:3 & Matt. 3:2)?
    ; furthermore, in Matthew 26:23-25 & in Mark 14:30-22, it is written that Jesus said "...and woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed; it would have been better if that man had never been borne!" 
    COMMENT:  NO, only in the King James family of bibles does it suggest such an absurd thing. Here is what it says in the GREEK:  "The indeed Son of the man goes away, even as it has been written concerning Him, woe but to the man that, through whom the Son of the man is delivered up; good it was to Him, if not was born the man that...."
    Notice how the King James CHANGED the order of words.  It clearly needs to be translated: "The Son of Mankind is indeed going away according as it is written concerning HIM [the 'Him' is JESUS], yet woe to THAT MAN ['that man' is JUDAS, not Jesus] through whom the Son of Mankind is being given up! Ideal were it for HIM ['Him is again JESUS, not Judas] if THAT MAN ['that man' is Judas] were not born."
    Ideal were it for JESUS if JUDAS had not been born, not good were it for Judas if Judas had not been born.

    Ray, I am a highly learned bible scholar
    COMMENT:  With all due respect, CBS, I "highly" find this hard to believe in the light of your email.
     taught by the Holy Spirit Himself.  I have no bible school teaching as that would go against the grain.  God only needs "children" who are open and willing to learn the truth - not parrots repeating errors.
    COMMENT:  But the "errors" you speak of ARE the things that you believe and teach regarding hell. You and the seminaries and schools theology teach exactly as you do regarding God's failure to save His Own children.
    I agree with you that the present multitude of televangelists are deadly to the Truths of God;
    COMMENT:  How so?  If they teach that most of humanity are going to be tortured in some Christian hellhole of torture for all eternity, how it that appreciably different from what you teach?
     and I inspect all teachings that God puts in my path carefully to see the accuracy of all that is being taught as it is my mission to do this and then to weed it out for the sake of those whom God sends to me for Him to minister through me.
    Furthermore, I want you to know that I have been given the gift of tongues but not the babble one hears in these so-called churches (and that includes TD Jakes, Benny Hinn, etc.).
    COMMENT:  But HOW DO YOU KNOW, that what they speak is "babble?"  Where is different about their gift from your gift. If they are speaking in "UNKNOWN" tongues, then even YOU would not be able to understand them, so how can you then accuse them of speaking babble?
      I have spoken in unknown language, meaning a language that I was not taught, which was Latin.  I never studied Latin and therefore could never in a billion years read it and speak it, much less even understand what I would be reading or uttering.  But I was awakened at 3: 00 a.m. in the morning with a complete prayer to the Holy Spirit in Latin,
    COMMENT:  How did you KNOW that what you were speaking was "Latin," seeing that you yourself have stated above that what you spoke was "in UNKNOWN [Latin is a known language] language?"
     which I hurried to my prayer room to write down all that I was given to say and I fully understood all that I said in that prayer and I spelled every word correctly.
    COMMENT:  Did you have your "written down prayer" examined by one fluent in Latin verify that it was indeed the LATIN language that you were speaking?  May I see a copy? Please?
      It is a prayer the Lord gave me personally for me to say every day. The priest of God must pray (communicate with God) every day; but I had no knowledge that God would give the prayer that must be said.  I have no doubt I am anointed.
    COMMENT:  I wish that I could share your enthusiasm, however, I must admit I have a few lingering doubts about what you are telling me.
    Whether you answer me or not, I do not know; but I know that if  you meditate on the questions above and re-study your sermons, you may find that there is error in your judgement.
    COMMENT:  I have mediated at considerable length and have found MUCH ERROR in your judgments.
     The Lord God has reserved those angels that left their first abode, bound in "everlasting" chains, awaiting until that Great Day.
    Read Jude 1:5-7
    COMMENT:  They are awaiting "JUDGMENT," not "SENTENCING," as you suggest.
    God be with you,

    Anyway, I hope to hear from you.  If I do not, that is all okay too.  God bless and you keep you well.
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