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Author Topic: Tithing?  (Read 5410 times)

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« on: June 17, 2007, 10:48:23 PM »

Mr. Ray,
    How can the church and ministers of such survive if we don't tithe? In my personal experience bout giving and tithing and offering, I,m more blessed.  How should we help the church to stand then?


Dear Mia:  I just marvel at how many hundreds of people have accused me of teaching against financially supporting the Church. I wrote a whole comprehensive paper on what tithing is and what it is not. You like hundreds before you criticize, but have not even READ MY PAPER!


I get asked that question regularly. I tell them all the same thing: "Pay your church bills the same way I pay my living expensesówith a check." Hereís the thing: You donít need to lie and deceive and pervert the word of God in order to pay church expenses.

Why doesnít your pastor just ask the people to contribute toward paying the church expenses? I can tell you why. A few do, but most donít. And why is that? It is because those who teach false doctrines to exact money illegally from their congregation donít have faith to trust their people to contribute voluntarily out of love. They only know how to teach the Old Testament laws, which are carnal, and therefore donít know how to teach the New Testaments laws, which are SPIRITUAL.

Most pastors see two options:

   1. Teach that people will be cursed if they donít tithe ten percent of their annual salaries,
   2. Trust God in faith to provide the money from voluntary gifts given from the heart.

If, in reality, trusting would bring in more money than pronouncing curses, no one would ever hear a sermon on tithing again, anywhere on earth. And if anyone suggested to any of these same pastors that tithing is an Old Testament law that Christians must keep or be cursed, those same pastors would ridicule you to scorn for ever suggesting such an obvious unscriptural doctrine that is not binding on New Testament Christians.

They will do whatever brings in the most money. And it is a proven fact, unscriptural threats of curses for no tithing, and blessings for tithing brings in more money than trusting the people, in faith, to supply the needs of the Church.

It is our hope and intention here at bible-truths to free as many as possible from the unscriptural hypnotic tactics of these TV auctioneers who peddle the Word of God like so much merchandise for sordid gain. But what about those small congregations that donít even want huge cathedrals and the pastor doesnít want to be rich or drive a $80,000 Mercedes. All they want is to preach the gospel and care for a local congregation and all that that involves. Surely it is not wrong for them to teach their congregation to tithe their salaries to the church, is it? Of course that is wrong. Thatís like saying, I donít want to rob a bank: I just want to take a few small things from the super market without paying for them! ITíS THE SAME CRIME, with the only difference being the amount stolen.


Do any of these Scripture references quoted above regarding voluntary giving, have anything to do with "tithing?" Absolutely not. Notice what the definition of Christian tithing is:

    "tithe (tith) n. 1a. A tenth part of oneís annual income contributed voluntarily or due as a tax, esp. for the support of the clergy or church." (The American Heritage College Dictionary, p. 1444).

Tithing was commanded by the LAW.

Giving is voluntary from the HEART.


The Apostle Paul never tithed, never taught Gentiles to tithe, never collected tithes, and never accepted tithes. Can anyone imagine what Paul would have said had someone come up to him and offered him $100 saying: "Here Paul, here is my payment according to the tithing law with regards to my thousand-dollar paycheck." I donít know what his exact words would be, but I have studied the writings of Paul, and I can tell you what he would have said in principle:

"Sir, MONEY is not a tithable commodity. Furthermore, tithes can be paid to the Levitic priests only, and I am not a Levite, I am from the Tribe of Benjamin. Furthermore, as a believer in Jesus Christ, you are also freed from the law of Moses. Jesus Christ has taught us that, ĎFREELY you have received, FREELY give." One cannot give Ďfreelyí that which is demanded by law. I am sorry, but I cannot accept money that is given out of obligation to a law. Jesus has freed us from carnal ordinances, and whom Jesus has freed, Ďis FREE indeed.í"

Now then, give that same $100 to any number of priests of Christendom, and one might receive this retort: "Well, if this $100 is your tithe, where is your offering? Donít you know that the tithe is commanded and demanded by law? You have only given me what is commanded by law of you to give. You have not really giving me anything until you give me money in excess of your tithes"

Well, what more can I say about that?

The above was taken right out of my tithing paper, but you did not bother to read it.

God be with you,


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