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Author Topic: Men/Women Roles?  (Read 3949 times)

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Men/Women Roles?
« on: June 20, 2007, 06:09:57 PM »

        Do you think its a sin for guys to be kinda (cold-hearted / not as emotional) as woman, or is that the way we were both created? I am just wondering, because, I was raised to believe that the man is the head of the house, but it seems like these days, the women seem to be the ones calling all the shots and holding all the cards.  This type of behavior seems more unnatural to me than homosexuality.

        Dear Charles: Being the "head" of a household is not a philosophy that is taught, learned, and then believed.   I am persuaded that millions of men "believe" that they are the head of their household, when the actual reality of the situation is, their wives are the head.  Their wives don't just believe they know who should be in charge, they know for a fact that THEY ARE IN CHARGE.  But all too many men have been fooled into thinking that when their wives "say" that the husband is the head, then he is the head.

          I learned something profound about the time I finished boot camp in the Army.  Leadership is not something that can be assigned to something.  Here is what I have come to believe:  "You are not a leader unless someone is FOLLOWING YOU!!"  Many wives mockingly laugh at all the men who think they are in charge, all the while these wives KNOW that they are in charge of their husbands.  Men have seen this situation played out in situation comedies all of their lives, and laugh right along with the audience when a macho husband makes a fool out of himself, and yet fail to see it when it is happening to them in their own family.

        Women desire power over men, even if they have zero desire to be president of the United States.. If they achieve this power, their husbands tend to become wimps, which make their wives unhappy.  A woman needs a strong man in order to be happy and fulfilled, even when they might not think so.  Sadly, however, some men are so weak that their wives find it absolutely necessary to take the leadership role of the family, or it would fall apart.  Men need to love, respect, and provide for their wives and family, and then they will show respect for his leadership. These three provisions are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the success of any family. LOVE, RESPECT, PROVISIONS!

         My wife follows my lead not because I tell her that I am in charge, but because she sees, feels, and is an eye-witness to the leadership position I take and fulfill.  Don't talk about being the leader of your family, just LEAD, and if your family follows, THEN YOU ARE A LEADER, THEN YOU ARE THE HEAD. But you can never be a leader without LOVE, RESPECT AND PROVISIONS.

        God be with you,


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