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Author Topic: Wiccan  (Read 4827 times)

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« on: June 20, 2007, 06:10:46 PM »

        Dear Mr. Smith,
                I am 17 years of age, about to be 18. I have grown up in a christian family and have had many christian friends since i was born. In fact right now one of my best friends is christian. I recentally got back into contact with my oldest brother (me being second oldest) and he has been practicing wiccan for 13 years now and i now follow the religion myself. Seeing as i followed the christian lifestyle for about 15 years or so, i have nothing against it but naturally have some questions. The only thing i have against christians, and most other religions, is the fact that they scorn anyone who is not that religion. I have followed wiccan for about a year now and ever since then have been looked down apon by most of my friends. My question is jesus christ gives us free will correct? Then therefor arent the ones who scorn and critisize for us believing what we want to believe technically pushing others to join and he nce committing a sin?
        Thank you in advance,

        Dear Jeebs:  So you would like me to tell you that Christians are all wrong to criticize you for being a wiccan, is that right?  Well, I don't do that, but I tell you what I will do:  I WILL CRITICIZE YOU FOR BEING A WICCAN.  What in the world are you think?  Wicca has got to be one of the very most STUPID pagan religions in the whole world!  It is total idiotic nonsense, based on no authority or wisdom WHATSOEVER.
        And NO, Jesus Christ does not "give us free will."  Read my paper on "The MYTH of Free Will Exposed." Get out of that trashy nature worship and demon religion before it destroys you.
        God be with you,

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