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Author Topic: Free will  (Read 4939 times)

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Free will
« on: June 24, 2007, 11:26:28 AM »

God does not FORCE US AGAINST OUR WILL to choose something we do not want to choose, and that is true for choices we really don't want to make in the first place, but circumstances dictate that we must or should.

        So if I do not want to be saved then God is going to make circumstances dictate that I must be saved. Or in certain matters we do not really have a choice like to be saved or if we will be born.   

        COMMENT:  Yes, God will bring about His purpose and plan so that in the end ALL WILL VOLUNTEER TO CHOOSE TO BE SAVED.  Likewise, when asked if everyone is glad that they WERE born, 100% will answer in the affirmative.  God is not stupid.  It is only through the eyes of religion that God appears to be stupid.


   Now it is true that the final choice we made is the ONLY choice that we could have made, but so what?  It is, after all, THE ONE WE WANTED TO MAKE.  Can you now understand it?

        Not yet - I will spend some time thinking on this what final choice are you talking about?

        COMMENT:  The choice that one finally makes after thinking over all the supposed options. God with you, Ray


  Do you still think you are a robot?  I hope not.

        No I do not think I am a robot the question was rhetoric.     
         It takes a lot of thought and meditation to wrap your mind around this powerful spiritual truth.     

        You have certainly awoken a new desire in me to just dig a little deeper as to what is truth! Jesus famous question to Pilate.           

        Yours in hospitality


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