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Author Topic: Back and Forth  (Read 4995 times)

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Back and Forth
« on: June 24, 2007, 11:32:55 AM »

Dear L.Ray,
> I find what you have done on your website utterly
> awe-inspiring. The dedication and furvency with which you have sought to
> make plain the words of the Bible, and "preach with sound doctrine", fills
> my heart with admiration and joy. Few people today seriously dedicate
> themselves to any task, let alone their Christian duties, be they of the
> faith.
> I have, however, had a chequered history with Christianity. When I was young
> (between ten and eleven), I turned to the faith in the hope of guidance and
> truth. For the longest time my relationship with Christianity was a tortured
> one, though, as I fought with different scriptural demands, and an
> inconsistent degree of faith. I have, this past seven or eight years,
> similarly fallen back and forth, becoming and losing my Christian faith, and
> although recently I have come to a greater Christian sent iment than in a
> long time, may I ask what the Bible says about people like me, whose faith
> and practise are insufficient, and certainly inconsistent (either in the
> form of an answer, or, if you have already dealt with this issue, a link, if
> possible, to the page)?
> Yours sincerely, Ryan

Dear Ryan:  No, I don't have a specific article on the subject of continually

falling back into the world, but I do cover it throughout all of my writings.

We all "leave our first love" at some time or another.  God admonished the

Church at Ephesus, to REPENT of leaving their first love.

Most people only "play" at religion. Most Christians are what I call "religious

hobbyists."  If God is truly calling you to be one of the chosen, then one day you

will get serious and stop vacillating back and forth.  Sometimes we just need to grow

up. There are too many lusts of youth for young people to be very serious about

serving God.

I did the same thing. I too left my First Love, and went back into the world. I knew

I did not have the power to resist lust. Only a miracle of God brought me out of this

world for the last time. I can't tell you when God will show you that it is enough,

and time for you to get serious about obeying God.

God be with you,

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