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Author Topic: Hell Part D4  (Read 3893 times)

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Hell Part D4
« on: June 24, 2007, 10:23:59 PM »

Dear Ray;  Maybe writing you is troubling you.  Since you read so many email a day?  Anyway   the cripple person that I am,  I wanted you to know this last article on " sermon on the mount is for you" is the best I have readed. I have been teaching my children and your writings are worthly to share.  Many times in reading what you wrote it is so deep I believe people have to have the back ground or better yet the understanding by God to know what you are saying.  I read your questions and replies.  It seems less struggle is occuring in you and more peace and the love of God.   sincerely Margaret

Dear Margaret: Thank you for your email and comments. I'm not sure I know what you mean by "less struggle occurring in me," as I have never ever felt any "struggling" going on inside of me since the first day I began writing for  Also, contrary to the many thousands of detractor emails who feel that I am "bitter and angry" over religion, I feel no bitterness whatsoever.  Now some of the demoniacal and blasphemous heresies, do cause me to get angry at time. But my anger is not with the heretics so much as with the heresy they preach. I know that they are deceived. Jesus also knew that the Pharisees were deceived, but that didn't prevent  Him from UPBRAIDING them in Matt. 23.  When I show detractors these verses, the few times that I even get a reply, it goes something like this: "But YOU RAY, are not Jesus Christ." To which I retort: "No, but we are SUPPOSED TO BE,  and just maybe we should have a little mercy upon those who are trying."
Anyway, I am glad that the Hell series is helpful to you. I believe this next Part D-4 will also be helpful, as I am going to try and cut through all the pious sounding religious words like,  repentance, renewing, born again, holiness, transgression, remission, redemption, restitution, intercession, conformation, conversation, salvation, damnation, condemnation, tribulation, indignation, consolation, regeneration, temptation, reformation, reconciliation, supplication, justification, exhortation,  predestination, propitiation, sanctification, transformation, etc.
God be with you,
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