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Author Topic: Be Careful Ray  (Read 2242 times)

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Be Careful Ray
« on: June 25, 2007, 05:53:12 PM »

> Dear Mr. Smith,
> I adjure you to be careful, for your articles are written as though
> you KNOW they are truth, but there are many things I have found wrong so far
> and I haven't even read most of them yet. Woe to the Shepherd who leads the
> Lords flock astray, the punishment will be much worse for those who are
> "wise in their own eyes." You have dug too deep and have obviously been
> influenced by Satan. I hope that you will pray more for the Lord to reveal
> His truths to you, and that you will be more like the Psalmist who said "My
> heart is not proud, O Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern
> myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have
> stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a
> weaned child is my soul within me." Psalm 131 verses 1-2. You will be held
> accountable for the people you lead astray, may you repent instead of
> calling your web site bible truths, a HUGE heresy, call it 'bible
> perceptions' perhaps, or 'my take of the bible', or even 'Rays beliefs'.
> Don't call it the Truth, because a lot of it is far from it. Why can't
> Jesus Christ and God The Father be one and the same,

COMMENT:  Dear Loren, I challenge you to find anyone among the nearly

ONE BILLION worldwide web sites that quotes John 10:30--"I and My Father

ARE ONE" more than I have?  Put your money where your mouth is, and show

me just ONE?

God be with you,


 surely you don't know
> everything about God do you? If all things are possible with God, then why
> would this be an impossibility? Be careful, many other men have thought
> they knew everything about God and their punishment awaits them as well.
> May the Lord open the eyes of your heart, and may you seek His glory, and
> not your own.
> Sincerely,
> Loren E. Carr
> Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward
> slaughter. Proverbs 24:12 In saying that this nation must repent or face
> the wrath of God you are correct and I hope you continue with this, for we
> all must repent of our sinful ways and we all have much to learn, from each
> other and from God.
> Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than
> for him. Proverbs 26:12 I hope that you have not turned into this man yet.
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