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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 4174 times)

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« on: June 27, 2007, 10:05:27 PM »

        I just want to ask you a question? If there is no tithing in the church, does that means that there must be no full time pastors to look after the flock because they must live out of the gospel? I agree that you must not force people to  tithe, but they must give because they love God. Your motive is essential in tithing. I can just tell you that there are blessings in tithing and I can prove it because everything change when I start tithing and no one can ever deny facts.

        Thank you very much

        Dr. Uys

        Dear. Dr. Uys:

        Unfortunately, the word "tithing" has come to mean "ten percent of your money to a church." The reality is, that tithing has absolutely nothing to do with money and nothing to do with a church. Tithing was a law under Moses by which the nation of Israel supported the the tabernacle/temple system. It involved giving a tenth of the land and the herds. Nothing else is tithing. Giving money to the government is not tithing. Paying your mortgage is not tithing. Helping the poor is not tithing. Paying your utility bills is not tithing. And paying the utility bills of  local church is also not tithing.

        So how then does a local church support a pastor and pay its bills? With money, of course, and money has nothing to do with tithing. But the reason that the Church does not make these clarifications to their congregations is because they don't want them to know that supporting a church and ministry is to be completely voluntary according the the New Testament teachings.

        It takes faith to trust God for financial support. It takes no faith to tell people that if they do not tithe ten percent of their annual salaries, that they are breaking a law of God, and therefore God will "CURSE THEM WITH A CURSE," and they will ultimately go to hell and burn in some insane hellhole of torture for all eternity. 

        I have a drawer full of letters and emails from senior citizens and their children and relatives which testify to the fact that although they "tithed" money to their church, and did without needed food, medicine, other necessities, they only went deeper and deeper in debt. There are many criminals and mob bosses who could also testify to the fact that after getting involved in crime, that there are blessings and financial rewards in the crime business.  So much for "facts."       

        It is a SIN to teach New Covenant Believers that it is a law of God, that they must give 10 percent of their salaries to some man or some church. And this sin will assuredly be Judged "in that day" (Acts 17:31) very severely. The widow in the New Testament didnot "tithe" her two mites. Tithes were never brought to the "treasury," but rather to the "store house." There is not one New Testament which justified teaching "money tithing" to the church. Jesus never accepted tithes, His apostles did not teach or accept tithes, Paul never ever taught tithing or accepted tithes either. Had Paul tithed the people in all the congregations of Asia, he would have been a multi-millionaire and we would not have Paul's descriptions of how he did without, time after time after time.       

        You did not read ALL of my tithing paper, either, or you would have read where I covered these arguments.       

        God be with you,


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