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Author Topic: What Now  (Read 5672 times)

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What Now
« on: June 30, 2007, 02:52:06 PM »

Hi Ray,
I have been really praying and asking God for wisdom and being led to seemed to have been His answer. After inquiring further from God and asking His spirit, I can now say with all confidence that in all my strivings to love the Lord in all my life, i have not experienced as much freedom as now as a believer. God has become so much bigger, more intelligent, more perfect and more Loving than I have known His perfection to be. For this, I am now loving Him more and his people, obeying Him more, and feels like my life just started to count where it matters the most.
Please help me with a very important question. I am currently a member of a christian church that is very much one of "Christendom's".  What should I do now after receiving all these truths?  Should I bid goodbye to my pastor and church? My father-in-law is also a pastor of another church and my entire family are christians of "Christendom's", how should I share these truths? Because honestly, I may not be able to share to them as precise and as scripturally based as you would. Basically, how should I start living, doing from now (practically speaking).
Thank you for your time and attention. God bless you, your family and the precious work you do in the Lord!

Dear Nate: I get asked this a lot, but there is no easy formula for me to give you. You know that you should obey God. This is the primary thing we must all do. But for me to tell you how to live your life on a daily basis, I'm afraid I can't do.  If you don't know whether you should continue living in the Babylonian Church system, what good would it be for me to tell you that God says, "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE...." (Rev. 18:4)?  If you try to convert your family, friends, and relatives to your new-found truths, they will think you crazy or may even turn on you.  So leave them alone. The way you conduct your life will speak volumes about what you believe, however, clever arguments will convince no one.  Of the tens of thousands of detractors who have tried to contradict my teachings, which I then answered and proved them wrong with the Scriptures, how many do you suppose said: "Oh, okay, now I see it.  I'm sorry. I was deceived. I see now that you do teach the truth"?  Would you believe 2 or 3? That's right--2 or 3 out of tens of thousands.
You will face ever-changing challenges in your life--every few seconds, minutes, and hours of every day. You will have to decide how to handle these situations, one at a time. Learn the Truth and then live by the Truth.  Did Jesus teach His apostles how to react to every situation that would confront them after He was gone?  No, no He didn't.  Life is indeed a challenge, and in the final analysis it all comes down to YOU AND GOD.  I am at the same place that you are, Nate.  No one tells me how to solve all my problems. I just obey God and rely on Him to see me through.  Many people want to be teachers after learning a few of the basic truths of God. This is generally a mistake, as it takes more to be a teacher than a desire to teach.  I might desire to be a great singer, or a great speller--the reality is both are totally out of the question.  I am what I am by the grace of God. I realize that most think it is rather scary to try and live a righteous life not knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.  Your darn right it's scary.  Life is scary.  But knowing that there is a loving God Who is carrying out a righteous and wise purpose on this earth is a giant aid to our infirmities.
There is no better way to assuage our own inadequacies than to help others with theirs.  I remember when I was going to college back in California, we took a weekend camping trip to the San Bernadino Mountains. One day we climbed this mountain. A couple of chaperone's brought their children. At one place high up the mountain we followed a trail that was precariously close to a cliff with a long drop. I was getting a little nervous. However, close to me was one of the children (a girl of maybe 8 or 9 years), and she was beginning to have a panic attack.  I took her by the hand and put her on the inside and assured her that we would not fall.  My fear left me immediately, and the little girl did just fine also.  I never forgot that experience.  Help and love others, and your life will begin to take on meaning.
God be with you,
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