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Author Topic: Trinity  (Read 1578 times)

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Dean Peterman

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« on: July 01, 2007, 04:17:00 PM »

Dear friends,

I felt compelled to send an e-mail to the man that posted an article on the web disputing Ray's critique of the Trinity.  In case anyone is interested here it is.

Dear James,
I have been studying the trinity doctrine trying to understand whether it is true. I had the opportunity to read Mr. L. Ray Smith's article on the subject as well as your objections to his article.. 
One of the questions I have is regarding the issue that God is One being consisting of 3 persons. 
Can you explain to me who Jehovah is?  (I understand that Jehovah is probably not the best translation but let's use the name in our discussion since it is a common reference in the King James and the ASV)   
Dr. Geisler calls Jehovah a person in Volume Two of Systematic Theology, page 280.  "Yahweh is only used to refer to the one true God.  No other person or thing was to be worshipped or served..." 
It appears that Dr. Geisler views Jehovah as a separate person.  So how can this be explained if there are only 3 persons in the one being.  Dr. Geisler states that One being consisting of 3 persons is a mystery but not a contradiction since person and
being(essence) are not the same thing.           
However, if Jehovah is the name of this being or essence and Jehovah is also a person then we have God (a person) consisting of 3 other persons.  This seems to be a contradiction not just a mystery.  Can you explain?
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