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Author Topic: Our own works?  (Read 3301 times)

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Our own works?
« on: July 05, 2007, 08:38:52 PM »

Hello Ray,

I read nearly complete of chapter 16D3, "The Sermon on the Mount is for you". But first, I am really appreciate your hard word of all chapters of "Lake of Fire Series". It been two years to finished (almost finished in 16D3), me slow but very scriptural! I'm very happy to know the real truth.

Anyway, I have problem with 16D3, nothing wrong with you or God's words, it is just me problem. I read and notice something that "we must", to me is like do something ourselves, see below from your installment, bolds are mine:

"We must be spiritually baptized into Christ's death, and we must also LOSE OUR SOUL for Christ's sake."

"In verse 39 Jesus tells us that we must "appolumi our own soul."

"We must pluck out and cut off those members of the body which are used to sin against God:"

"And notice this is precisely what we read in Matt. 5:29- "If your right eye offend you [then YOU] pluck it out... And if your right hand offend you [then YOU] cut it off... and not that your whole body should be cast [by GOD, 'fear HIM'] into Gehenna" (Matt. 5:28-30)."

My concerning understand is "we must", mean to me is like we must 'do something', if we fail is not 'of the Lord' and if we success is not 'of the Lord'. It is our own strength and will but nothing God's strength and will?. Am I right understand or am I off?

About God's preordained or chosen people (elect). Can person failed and lost his gift from God like for reign with Jesus in period of time even God did preordain this same person who lost, like did He elect? Or the person who failed and lost, this show that God never preordain him? Did God really elect Ananias and Sepphira before they lied and death? If yes, God threw them in gehanna (really gehanna is for the elect, right?) which mean they lost their gift of God? I don't mean too much questions or give you hard time. It is something in my mind for over two weeks and finally I write this letter to you. Hope you understand?

Because before I read your chapter 16D3, I was very confidence in God more than I was in Babylon about He who can do all thing and no men can do of their own strength: Luk 18:27  And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God, also Rom. 8:20 said about not men's willing but God. These verses give me very confidence in God. Also I read "E-mail to Ray" in Forum:
If God is calling you to be one of the chosen Elect, then YOU WILL BE THERE!  Say "Hello" to your husband for me.
But now in 16:D3, my confidence in God is weak. I feel like I must zero angry, zero swear oath, zero lust, etc. I wish I could do that! This really discourage me. I sometimes 'lust', 'angry', etc., I tried hard not to but still do because I still have flesh and that always problem with me, I am not try to be excuse, but serious, I tried hard not to and praying to God yet still sin in my flesh just like Paul in Rom. 7:13-25. I don't see Jesus said "You must" in verses, did He? I thought "whole body shall be cast in gehenna" does not mean literal put elect dead or kill but to experience extreme suffering while on earth before death because he was elect by God's preordained? If I'm wrong, let me know if you have time.
Sometimes I feel God never elect me when I do that should do but not do and when I should not do but do. Sometimes I feel God elect me when I read your installments and God's words because of very amazing me understand your installments with God's words. But..........................

Again, am appreciate your all the work you have installments. I look forward your in 16:D4, smile! And thanks!



Dear Brett:
Too many words, Brett. You are talking all over yourself. You maybe need to go back and reread my series on "The Myth of Free Will."
I have stated this very very clearly in my writings: If God has chosen and pre-ordained you to be one of His Chosen Elect Few, THEN YOU WILL BE ONE OF THEM. Period.  Ananias and Sapphira were decidedly NOT two of God's Chosen Elect. They were CALLED, but not chosen, and like all "called" but NOT chosen, they could NOT obey from the heart and be among those in the first resurrection to reign with Jesus.
It matters not, Brett, whether we say it is necessary to "do" something or that we "must do" something. The word "must" does not necessarily add to or detract from something that God says will be "DONE."  Example:  Jesus said, "And why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and DO not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46).  Now do we see the words "MUST DO" in this verse? NO.  But can you imagine one of the disciples saying to Jesus: "You mean we MUST do what you say?"  OF COURSE  we "must" do what Jesus says!!  But that does not mean that we "do" what we "MUST do" by our own power and will. Nothing I have said in Installment 16 contradicts the Scriptures or anything that I have said in any of my other installments.  God KNOWS who is and who isn't one of His chosen elect, but WE DON'T.  That is how God keeps us from becoming spiritually lazy and complacent. It may "appear" that God has "chosen" us for one of His elect, but there is no way of be ing 100% sure until THE END.
This is why, the Greatest Apostle who has ever lived, said that even he could be a "castaway" from the Kingdom of God if he did not daily fight the good fight of faith (I Cor. 9:27).
God be with you,

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