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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 5804 times)

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« on: July 12, 2007, 12:13:40 PM »

> Hi Ray,
> I noticed when I scanned quickly through your tithing part I article, that
> you say that since tithes were only to be taken by the Levites (which is
> true), and since a temple and Levitical priesthood isn't in existence now,
> tithing has gone the way of the sacrifices. I believe you are in error, for
> Hebrews 4 shows that the ones who have the right to levy tithes has been
> transferred to the priesthood of Melchizedek, i.e. Christian pastors of
> whatever church or denomination a believer attends. You have overlooked a
> major piece of NT legislation which probably angered the active priesthood
> in Jerusalem so much when Paul penned Hebrews that this is what might have
> made them go after him, seeking his very life. Hebrews 4 and what it
> legislates gives the discretion of how to exact tithes, or whether to exact
> them at all, to the pastors and the denominati on one belongs to. Just as
> Paul refused the tithes and offerings of the Corinthians, it was his choice.
> He said he could have, but didn't. So I believe you and your article are in
> error, and a very serious one. If some denominations have abused their
> right in how they levy "tithes", they will be judged by Jesus Christ soon
> enough. And of these denominations have already been judged. But tithing
> itself is not "outlawed" in the New Testament. But Paul also set the
> example, that we are not to beat people over the head with it, demanding
> tithes either. There's balance. The three tithe system of the OT was
> essentially for the running of a theocratic government, and to fund the
> attendance of Holy Days, a major way the Levitical priesthood system had to
> help spiritually educate the c itizens of this theocratic nation. If you
> study OT prophecy carefully, esp. Zechariah 14, you will s ee the whole OT
> sacrificial, tithe, and Holy Day observing system will be set up over the
> nations by Jesus Christ at his return (cf. Zechariah 14:16-19). If you
> write an article, you should research all sides of it Scripturally,
> especially if you purport to be teaching from God's Holy Word.
> Sincerely,
> Peter F. Benson

Dear Peter:  The "change in the law" had nothing to do with putting the tithing law under the Melchizedek priesthood!  Where di you ever come up with that.  Maybe it is YOU, Peter who needs to "research all sides of it Scripturally."

The "change in the law" had to do with Christ being now our High Priest, although He did NOT becomes a priest after the line of Levi/Aaron which was what THE LAW stipulated.  Melchizedek was the HIGH PRIEST of the Canaanites (call the priest of the most high El--god, the Canaanite god Baal).  This priest had the power and authority to TAX Abraham a tenth of all the spoils of war under his jurisdiction.  Heb. 7:6 should read: "Yet he [Melchizedek] who is not of their genealogy has TITHED Abraham...." (See, Concordant Literal New Testament).  Who do you mean Melchizedek "tithed" Abraham? He TAXED him.  Jehovay God Almighty never requested ten percent of the pagan junk from war.  Since when would God or HIS high priest desire the pagan gold and silver of Sodom. Give me a break.  Was Abraham more righteous than GOD, in that he would not even touch the pagan belongings of Sodom? Did God say, "Oh, but I WANT IT, and I want 10% of the BEST of the spoi ls?"  It's almost blasphemy.

You state that: "Paul refused the tithes and offerings of the Corinthians, it was his choice.
> He said he could have, but didn't." That is unscriptural nonsense, and you know it. Paul did not refuse "TITHES."  Where do you see that in the Scriptures.  Jesus didn't say that those who preached the gospel had a RIGHT TO TITHES!  Paul had a right to a living--food, clothing, shelter, not a right to TITHES.  Paul did not teaching "tithing."  The Gentiles did not "tithe."  And you are asking me to "research all sides Scripturally?" Jesus did not collect tithes for His ministry. The Apostles did not collect tithes for their ministry. Paul; did not collect tithes for his ministry. YOU need to study the Scriptures more carefully.

You state:  "If you study OT prophecy carefully, esp. Zechariah 14, you will see the whole OT
sacrificial, TITHE..."  Oh really?  If we "study OT prophecy carefully" this is what we will find in Zechariah 14?  Zechariah knows nothing of "tithe" "tithes" "tithing."  Show me. The word never appears in Zechariah.  Sorry, but I don't have more time for this right now.

God be with you,

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